Terry Bradshaw & Rob Gronkowski Team Up to Sing a Duet on The Bradshaw Bunch

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From Dallas to D.C.

Terry Bradshaw, his wife Tammy and his three daughters Rachel, Erin and Lacey set off for Washington D.C. on tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch!

Though the football fam was in town to attend a number of events tied to a new USO facility at the Marine Corps Base Quantico—from a grand opening ceremony to a formal gala—Terry thought the trip would be a good way to bond with his girls and hopefully cheer Rachel up.

As fans of the E! show may recall, last week's Bradshaw Bunch was a tough one for the 33-year-old, as she went from trying on wedding dresses to being dumped over the phone all within the span of a single episode. 

"Tammy and I thought it'd be so good if the girls came with us so they could see the USO, meet all these great marines and see how the military works," Terry explained in a confessional. "After Rachel and Dustin broke up, I thought her going to Quantico would be a good time for her to get away." 

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Plus, as Tammy put it, there'd be "a lot of marines in really nice dress uniforms that look really hot."

"...I mean, if I was young and single," she added to appease Terry.

It took a little convincing to get Rachel on board, but once Erin told her, "You know what they say, the best way to get over one is to get under one," she was officially in.

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Once in D.C., the Bradshaw crew headed to the grand opening of the USO facility, where Terry delivered a speech, helped cut the ceremonial ribbon and sang "God Bless America" alongside Rob Gronkowski.

Yes, you read that right.

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end isn't exactly known for his vocal abilities, Terry is no stranger to singing. 

"I don't know how to say this, 'cause America, you just don't know me as a singer. You know me as a football player," Terry said in a confessional. "But I've had albums out, I have a show in Vegas. I mean, I love to sing. If I get a chance to sing in public, I'm jumping all over it."


After Terry brought the house down with his performance, the Bradshaws spent the rest of the day touring the facility, trying their hand at weapons training and socializing with the group of marines—the latter of which Rachel was particularly happy to do.

"Dad was right, his is the perfect distraction to forget what's going on in my personal life," Rachel revealed in a confessional. "God, I'm like a kid in a candy store. F--king-A they're hot."

Even Erin and Lacey, who are both married, agreed!

"Lacey and I weren't sure if we should flip our wedding rings around," Erin joked.

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One marine, Dan, ended up expressing his interest in Rachel, and after getting Terry's approval, he asked her out on a date. 

Lacey and Erin had to help an extremely nervous Rachel figure out how to respond to his text proposal, but they eventually settled on meeting for a drink after the conclusion of the gala that Terry would be speaking at.

"This is a time to forget your past; forget about Dustin," Erin advised her older sister. "Just live life. He's checked a lot more boxes than Dustin did in 12 months."

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When it came time for Rachel and Dan's date, she quickly learned that the date itself was the least of her worries—instead, she had to figure out how to ignore Erin and Lacey, who were getting drinks at the same bar.

"I'm sure Rachel would prefer we're anywhere but here, but I mean, what else are we gonna do?" Erin told The Bradshaw Bunch cameras. "We don't have our husbands here, so what better way to spend our evening than watching her blind date with the tall, hot, handsome, young marine? This is better than Netflix!"

But even after Erin and Lacey decide to order every rum cocktail on the menu—and Lacey's glass loudly breaks—the date went surprisingly well!


Rachel and Dan wound up exchanging a kiss, or two, or three, and she confessed, "I don't know what will happen with Daniel, but for the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful."

"And he's f--king hot," she added.

"What a successful trip!" Terry declared at the end of the episode, unaware of the fact that it could be their last for a while. 


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Think back to what happened on the car ride home from the USO facility.

"What did I tell you to do?!" Tammy says, frantically applying hand sanitizer.

Terry responds, "Don't touch anybody..."

"Exactly! Because of coronavirus. And what did you do?"

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