Kim Kardashian Is Freaking TF Out Over North West's Bizarre Obsession

By Allison Crist Sep 30, 2020 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Kim Kardashian Freaks Out Over North's Spider Obsession

Kim Kardashian is not happy on Thursday's brand new Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

In fact, you could even say she's bugged!

As the KKW Beauty owner explains to her sister Khloe Kardashian in this sneak peek clip, what has always been her worst fear has slowly grown into daughter North West's biggest obsession: spiders.

At this point, North even wants one—more specifically, a tarantula—as a pet!

"Somehow North conned me into going to this pet store that was right near her school," Kim tells Khloe. "I go up to the lady first, I go, 'Listen, I'll pay you 100 bucks. Just say they're mean to kids, not good pets, they bite everyone, say whatever you gotta say. I'll pay you.'"

Kim's offer obviously didn't work, as the pet store employee ends up doing the opposite, telling the mother-daughter duo about how tarantulas "make great pets" and even encouraging North to hold one.

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As KUWTK loyalists are certainly aware, Kim has "a pretty awful relationship with spiders," as she puts it in a confessional.

After all, who could forget her season one freakout in Puerto Vallarta when Kris Jenner calmly informed her there was a spider on her, only for the SKIMS owner to start frantically crying? 

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As the clip continues, Kim remains adamant that despite North mentioning "several times now" that she wants a pet spider, it's "absolutely never gonna happen." 

"Like, never ever ever," Kim adds. "As long as she's living under my roof, never going to happen."

Khloe tells her sister she needs to get over her fear, but Kim retorts by pointing out Khloe's fear of whales. 

"Stop it! Who the f--k would even go and approach a big ass whale?" Khloe responds, but instead of continuing the discussion, she starts to think about what she can do to help both Kim and North.

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"North has always had an obsession with spiders. We don't know why," Khloe explains in a confessional. "It's just—it's so ironic 'cause Kimberly is so afraid of them. North touches spiders, North catches spiders and I think she just wants to share her love of spiders with her mom."

She continues, "So I want to be supportive of North and plan something to help Kim conquer her fear of spiders."

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Khloe doesn't tell Kim about what she intends to do, so the mom of four comes up with her own idea: "Maybe I'll just...I'll be sitting there and looking at my phone and I'll be like, 'Oh my god did you hear the news? All these kids died at a school from tarantula bites.'"

"I'll just like scare the s--t out of them," she adds, laughing.

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