Lauren Conrad Reveals the Laguna Beach Stars She's Still Close With

In a new podcast interview with Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad shared the MTV stars she has remained friends with after filming Laguna Beach and The Hills.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 29, 2020 5:29 PMTags
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The real O.C. still has some real friendships away from the cameras.

It's been close to 14 years since MTV aired the final episode of Laguna Beach. And while much of the cast has moved on with their lives away from the small screen, fans still can't help but wonder who is still friends with who long after graduating Laguna Beach High School.

In a new interview on Whitney Port's podcast, Lauren Conrad revealed the co-stars she is still cool with today.

"Most of the people close with that I filmed with are from Laguna," she explained on the Sept. 29 episode of Dear Media's With Whit podcast. "So Dieter [Schmitz] I talk to all the time. I don't see anybody anymore but when we did, I see Stephen [Colletti]. During holidays and stuff, I'll usually see Christina Schuller or Morgan [Smith]."

Lauren continued, "I live in my hometown. It's more seeing people that I grew up with, who I also filmed a show with."

Laguna Beach: Where Are They Now?

As pop culture fans know, Laguna Beach was only the beginning of Lauren's tenure on MTV. She later appeared on The Hills where cameras documented her journey into the fashion world. Fast-forward to today and the proud mom has several successful businesses including The Little Market and a fashion line with Kohl's.


When looking back on why she signed up for The Hills, Lauren admitted to being in a different headspace fresh out of high school.

"I was in college and I was kind of trying to figure it out," she explained. "And I mean, if we're being blunt, I was broke. And I was like, yeah, that was the easiest money I ever made."

As for Whitney and Lauren's friendship today, the two designers admit that they are always asked by fans if they are still close. Spoiler alert: There's no drama with these two individuals who had an experience so few can relate to.

"It's friends that you went to college with," Whitney explained. "Good friends that you had really special experiences with, that you always have love for, but that you don't always keep in touch with."  

Lauren added, "I think, like, what you said is perfectly describing it. I have so much love in my heart for you and, like, we shared this really weird, unique thing and I think it is, it's like old college friends, you know. I'll always remember you like that and I'll never have that with anybody else."