Matthew McConaughey

Shirley, Perkins,

Matthew McConaughey always did have a flair for the international.

The laid-back actor is flexing his book smarts with Exchange Student, a big-screen comedy McConaughey will not only star in—albeit in a nonlead role—but also produce.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the nonromantic comedy will follow two college exchange students, one who embarks from the U.S. and one who travels to it. Both have opposite experiences during their respective study abroads, with one of them going "off the rails."

The project is aiming for a Wes Anderson vibe, though the indie auteur is not connected to the film. (His quota of drawling Texas boy coworkers is apparently already full.)

Also filling their plates with new projects: DJ AM, Adrian Grenier, Sofia Coppola, Ricky Gervais' new leading lady and—yes, they're still around—the Jonas Brothers.

Here's a rundown of their plans:

• DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, has teamed up with MTV for a reality show documenting tough-love interventions for young people battling addiction. According to the Hollywood Reporter, AM, who has been open about his own long-overcome drug addiction, will not just be a faceless backer of the project: The music man will be a fixture on the show and be present throughout the intervention process, which will itself be led by an addiction specialist.

Entourage star Adrian Grenier continues to keep it real, producing his second documentary, Spin. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the project will explore the impact modern media and technology has on society. While the documentary is being filmed as a feature-length film, it may also serve as a supersize pilot for a 13-episode miniseries.

• Sofia Coppola is checking into the Chateau Marmont for her next film. The second-generation writer-director will base Somewhere at the storied hotel, per Variety, and chronicle a bad-boy actor who lives a life of excess at the discreet lodging only to reexamine his life when his 11-year-old daughter unexpectedly turns up. Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning star in the dramedy, shooting in June.

• Ricky Gervais has scored himself a new leading lady. British actress Felicity Jones, who previously appeared in Brideshead Revisited, has been tapped to star in The Men at the Pru, the 1970s insurance-world dramedy from Gervais and his Extras writing and directing partner Stephen Merchant. Per the Hollywood Reporter, Jones will play a woman who is made to believe her life goal should be to raise a family, but who secretly wants to pursue a career as a photographer.

• Box-office nonclout aside, the Jonas Brothers are still Much desired. The purity-ring-wearing trio are heading north to serve as hosts of the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards, held in Toronto June 21. The gig coincides nicely with promotion of the group's fourth album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, due out June 15.

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