Dr. 90210 Preview: Dr. Kelly Killeen Meets a New Patient With "Gigantic Breasts"

In this exclusive clip from Monday's premiere of Dr. 90210, Dr. Kelly Killeen consults with a big breasted patient who's looking for a reduction.

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Can Dr. Kelly Killeen and new patient Carlena agree on a breast size?

In this exclusive clip from Monday, Sept. 28's premiere of Dr. 90210, the breast specialist meets with a curvy new patient who wants a breast reduction. As Dr. Kelly explains in a confessional, Carlena's already large breasts "went through the roof when she became pregnant and gained weight."

To make matters worse, per the Dr. 90210 surgeon, Carlena is stuck in a "vicious cycle" where her breasts are too big for her to be able to exercise, but she needs to work out in order to decrease her breast size.

Thus, a breast reduction may be Carlena's best course of action.

"Ok, my friend, those are some gigantic breasts," Dr. Kelly remarks after examining Carlena. "Go ahead and put your gown back on, let's talk about surgery."

However, Carlena's "goal size" may surprise you.

The new patient states, "My goal size is to be back to an H."

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As Dr. Kelly highlights, "that's still pretty big" and may not help with Carlena's symptoms.

She adds, "It's not necessarily wrong, it's just our goal is to get you to a point where you don't have the back pain."

While Carlena takes this information in, she fears if she goes smaller, she "won't be [her]self."


"I've always been known as the big boob girl," Carlena relays. "I'm kind of big on Instagram. I have like, 2,000K followers."

Per Carlena, she's worried that her 200,000 followers will be disappointed if she drastically decreases her breast size.

In response to this, Dr. Kelly asks, "You don't think you're a little more than the big boob girl though?"

Although Carlena knows there's a lot more to her, she says her breast size is a big part of her identity.

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"There's no right or wrong when it comes to aesthetic," Dr. Kelly concludes. "My job as your surgeon is to lead you towards what I think is gonna get you the best result long term that will make you happy."

Watch the consultation play out in the exclusive clip above.