Terry Bradshaw's Daughters Reveal a Side to the Sports Star That May Surprise You

By Alyssa Ray Sep 24, 2020 1:30 PMTags
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Terry Bradshaw may be an NFL legend and a beloved sportscaster, but to daughters Rachel, Erin and Lacey, he's just dad.

For an exclusive chat with E! News, The Bradshaw Bunch stars opened up about their famous father and revealed what he's really like when cameras aren't rolling. As E! readers may recall, Rachel and Erin are Terry's girls from his third marriage.

As for Lacey, she is Terry's wife Tammy's daughter from a previous marriage, but The Bradshaw Bunch leading man considers her one of his own.

Thus, all three had plenty to say about The Bradshaw Bunch patriarch.

"It's always really cool to see him doing the football thing, on TV sportscasting," Lacey told E!. "You don't notice it at home, he's just Terry."

While Lacey said that Terry has every reason "to be extremely proud" of his career, she noted that he's really just a down-to-Earth, family man.

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Hilariously, Rachel chimed in and revealed that, when growing up, she thought "everyone's dad was on TV."

"I didn't realize until, probably, high school that he is a really big deal," Rachel further shared. "We were raised to be very humble and sweet. We never thought, 'Oh, dad's famous!'"

Going off this point, Erin remarked that she's only ever looked at Terry "as my dad." However, the girls aren't surprised that their dad is well-known as they applauded his charismatic nature.

"His personality is, you know, to the moon-and-back," Erin added. "I don't think you can be around a more vibrant, positive person with just such a big love for life."


Although The Bradshaw Bunch gives an inside look into their family dynamic, the ladies playfully teased that there's a side to Terry that fans may not realize. For starters, Rachel shared that the former football titan has a sensitive side.

"Dad is very, very sensitive," Rachel explained. "He's so sweet and he's this big tough guy, but there's been times where he's called me like, 'Did I do something wrong? My feelings are kind of hurt.'"

Continuing on this point, Rachel noted that Terry "really cares what us girls think."

We love a burly man in touch with his emotions!

Apparently, like many of us out there, the 72-year-old former quarterback has a fear of heights and the ocean. This gave Erin, Rachel and Lacey a chuckle as Terry's favorite place is water-locked Hawaii.

Erin quipped, "He will not get anywhere near the ocean."

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While Rachel, Lacey and Erin lightly ribbed Terry, they will not stand for other's speaking poorly about him.

"I cannot stand the whole cat reference from the '70s," Rachel sounded off. "It started this movement of thinking he's stupid, and he'll play on it 'cause it's funny, but I get mad."

Rachel further defended Terry by calling him "one of the smartest people that I know."

Lacey expressed a similar sentiment as she praised the TV personality for being "extremely wise."

She added, "That's why we all come to him for advice."

It's safe to say that Terry's girls are always in his corner!

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For a closer look at their loving family dynamic, catch tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch.