Ben Affleck

Pedro Andrade,

Ben Affleck, "doing some research" at financial firm Wellington Management for an upcoming flick. Jennifer Garner's hubby was rocking the scruffy look, while still looking quite yummy.

Reportedly so deelish, in fact, Benny had gaggles of guys swarming around him. We're told Ben was "totally polite and awesome" despite the sausage lovefest.

Hmmm...Sure sounds like Affleck's wife-unit could take a cue from her beau. Speaking of whom, no Jen or kiddies in sight. Not at all surprising.

An equally questionable babe back in Cali was...

Vanessa Minnillo, sitting on the lap of a guy not Nick Lachey at the A/X Watches event at the SLS Hotel in Bev Hills. Was the dude a relative? New lover? Or the L.A. staple: a gay friend? Who knows. Do any of you really care?

Also in the 90210...

Patti Stanger, host of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker (hilar show, btw), causing stares for all the wrong reasons at Madeo's. Diners at the posh restaurant tell us bachelorette Patti looked totally age inappropriate in an overly tight red dress. Apparently she "annoyed" patrons trying to enjoy dinner with her "overly loud voice." Love all the bitchy masticators this week, too fun!

Far better behaved over in Venice Beach...

Amy Smart, Adrian Grenier, Amber Valletta and Debi Mazar, all attending the launch party to support the new Loomstate for Target collection. Adrian, who was looking quite easy on the eyes, was dressed in a soft sweater to brave L.A.'s recent and mucho chilly winds. Amy must not have minded being in the company of the Entourage stud, because the two chatted it up at the party for a while. Nice.

—Additional reporting Taryn Ryder and Becky Bain

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