See How Terry Bradshaw Comforts Daughter Rachel After She Goes From Happy to Heartbroken

By Allison Crist Sep 25, 2020 1:30 AMTags
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A lot can change in the blink of an eye.

This was certainly the case on tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, which saw Terry Bradshaw's oldest daughter Rachel go from trying on wedding dresses to questioning everything about her relationship.

Last week, Rachel introduced her boyfriend Dustin to viewers of the show after opening up about how difficult it was to date in the first place, following the tragic death of her husband Rob Bironas

Everything seemed to be going well for the couple, but even as Rachel tried on wedding dresses for fun with her sisters Erin and Lacey, The Bradshaw Bunch cameras showed that a number of family members—most of all, Terry—were concerned about Dustin and Rachel's relationship.  

"I feel like this is dangerous," Lacey said in a confessional. "I mean, she doesn't even have a ring yet."

But at the time, Rachel wasn't worried: "I know I'm jumping the gun a little, but Dustin and I are going to be together forever. That's what we talk about. So why not buy the dress first? I'm not traditional!"

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To be fair, as you can tell by Lacey and Erin's reactions, the wedding dress Rachel tried on was really pretty!


However, Erin, and even her husband Scott, weren't exactly fans of Dustin. 

The couple aired their grievances to Terry, who's been vocal about his general disdain for Dustin since The Bradshaw Bunch first premiered. 

"When it comes to doing stuff with us, he doesn't put in a lot of effort," Erin told her dad, with Scott adding, "Put it this way: He always makes sure he's there when you're there. When you're not there, it's a different story."

Erin continued in a confessional, "When you are in a family that has a famous parent, it's hard to weed out people that are in it for the good of you, not the good of who your dad is." 

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The real test for Dustin came when the whole family gathered for a barbecue: Rachel wanted her loved ones' approval, and they wanted to see if perhaps they had misjudged him.

"It's been a really long time since I've felt this way for somebody, so that's why it means so much to me that my family loves him," Rachel expressed.

But right off the bat, things weren't looking great for Dustin. He wasn't helping with any of the cooking or preparation, and even his smile was setting Terry off.

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Still, the NFL legend reassured Rachel, "It isn't whether or I like him or not. It's whether you like him." 

"I love you more than anything in the world," he added. "There's nothing that would honor me more than to walk you down the aisle. I want that for you 'cause I know how bad you want it. And if it doesn't work out, I'll be there for you with ice cream and tequila."

Feeling invigorated from her conversation with her dad, Rachel later talked to Dustin about why her family was giving him a rough time: "Dad's got a circle and he only keeps certain people in the circle. It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy to get in the circle."

"Once you're in though, you're in there for life...then other things can happen!" Rachel said, making sure to note that she was referring to relationship milestones like moving in together and marriage.

Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn for the worse. As Rachel explained to Erin the following day, Dustin seemed to be completely indifferent to taking the next steps in their relationship.

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The couple didn't speak for a few days after the barbecue, and when Dustin finally did call Rachel, she let everything out.

"You're 32 years old, you can't figure out what you want? We were like looking at houses three months ago and now you're just, like, over it," Rachel told him. "It's so messed up."

"What a joke," Rachel said in a confessional. "Seriously, what a joke."

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Terry and Rachel met up the following day and she broke the news that Dustin had dumped her: "I'm disappointed and I just feel like I wasted a year and a half."

Thankfully, Terry was ready to impart his wisdom to his daughter. 

"It's not wasted years," he told her. "What you just accumulated was heartfelt knowledge." 


The father-daughter duo then broke out the ice cream and tequila, and Terry continued to reflect on the break-up in a confessional, saying, "Rachel is very much like me. She falls hard, she falls fast and she commits everything she has to a relationship. She deserves to be in love and she deserves to move to that next phase of her life."

His final thoughts on the matter? "Good riddance Dustin!"