Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's Daughter Bella Debuts Blue Hair in New Selfie

Isabella "Bella" Kidman Cruise, the daughter of exes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, took to Instagram earlier this week to share a photo of her new style. Scroll on to see her look.

By Elyse Dupre Sep 22, 2020 2:21 PMTags
Watch: Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's Daughter Posts Blue Hair Selfie

Isabella "Bella" Kidman Cruise is sporting a new 'do.

The 27-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman took to Instagram on Sept. 20 to share a photo of herself sporting some blue highlights. In addition to getting to see Bella's new hair, followers got a peek at the star's fall fashion. She layered a leopard print shirt over a gray jacket and accessorized her outfit with a pair of peace sign earrings and tortoise shell style sunglasses.

Bella mostly uses her social platform to showcase her art and designs. Although, she has given fans a few glimpses into her world, such as by posting photos of her past travels and of her "quarantine uniform." She joined Instagram in 2018 and tends to stay out of the public eye. In fact, the last time she posted a selfie was about a month ago.

Her parents, however, are no strangers to the limelight. As fans will recall, Nicole and Tom adopted both Bella and her brother Connor Cruise before their 2001 divorce. According to Nicole's 2010 interview with Hello!, the kids chose to live with Tom after the split. 

Tom Cruise's Romantic History

Over the years, the Oscar winner has shared very little about her relationship with her two eldest children with the press. "I'm very private about all that," she told Australia's Who magazine. "I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children because it's what my purpose is."


Connor and Bella have also mostly refrained from publicly speaking about the family dynamic. Although, in 2014, Connor reportedly told Women's Day, "I love my mum." Bella had also reportedly told Australia's New Idea magazine in 2012, "I love mom. She's my mom. She's great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her."