Watch Terry Bradshaw Hilariously Diss Daughter Rachel's Boyfriend in Bradshaw Bunch Sneak Peek

By Allison Crist Sep 21, 2020 9:42 PMTags
Watch: Terry Bradshaw Coins Hilarious Nickname for Daughter's BF

The struggles of being a girl dad.

Rachel's new boyfriend Dustin is back on Thursday's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, and it looks like Terry Bradshaw still isn't thrilled at the idea of their relationship. 

Take this sneak peek clip, for example!

The Bradshaw family is gathering for a barbecue, but from the start, there seems to be some underlying tension. Perhaps it's due to Rachel and Dustin taking numerous selfies while everyone else sets ups for the meal?

Regardless, everyone eventually sits down to eat, and Terry takes a moment to toast his loved ones

"Family! Love you all," Terry says with a drink in the air. "Not you, Dustin."

Rachel is a good sport and still chimes in with the collective "Cheers!" and Dustin just flashes a big grin.

Naturally, this leads to Terry dubbing him "Smiley" in a confessional alongside his wife, Tammy.

"That's probably gonna be my nickname for him," he tells her. "What's his last name?"

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"Hughes," Tammy responds.

"Smiley Hughes!" Terry says, bursting out laughing. "That's actually a good name!"

Terry Bradshaw Has "Doubts" About Rachel's Boyfriend Dustin

Terry's of course just being a protective father, which he and Rachel actually discussed on the series premiere of The Bradshaw Bunch.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt," Terry told his daughter, who was previously married to Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas.

"He passed away from a car accident about three months into marriage," Rachel revealed. "It's like, you've got just the world at your fingertips and this great wedding and this wonderful marriage and then you're checking the 'widow' box at like 27."

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