Funniest Moments at the 2020 Emmys

Jennifer Aniston proved to be the secret weapon for host Jimmy Kimmel during the 72nd Annual ceremony on Sunday night, popping up several times.

By Tierney Bricker Sep 21, 2020 10:00 AMTags
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Get by with a little help from Friends.

That was the case during the 2020 Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 20, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting the award show virtually from the Staples Center. During these unprecedented times, no one knew what to expect going into the live ceremony, including, you know, if it would still be funny or not. And guess what? It occasionally was!

Kimmel's strategy was simple: Convince his famous friends to come along for the unprecedented journey, with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman showing up early in the night to provide some laughs. Plus, they both returned later on in the night (not just for the categories they were nominated in) for a fun reunion.

Plus, Ramy Youssef hilariously revealed what happens when you lose from the comfort of your own living room couch, we learned the weird activities celebrities have been doing to keep themselves busy during quarantine and Reese Witherspoon threw the best bash with a surprising theme. 

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So relive the funniest moments of the 2020 Emmys...

Little Fires Everywhere

Remember the one where Jennifer Aniston literally put out a fire while presenting the first award of the night? Yep, that happened after Jimmy Kimmel tried to sanitize the envelope containing the winning name and it just kept burning. 

Forever Roommates

Well, Aniston had a busy night! After putting out a fire, The Morning Show star returned home to finish the ceremony with some of her closest Friends. Yes, we're referring to Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, with the trio revealing they have been living together since 1994. (We love this alternate timeline.)

"Where else would I live?" asked Kudrow to a surprised Kimmel. "Yeah, like people live with their families."

And it turned out there was a fourth roommate: Jason Bateman. 

"Bateman also lives in your house?!" asked an incredulous Kimmel, but Aniston was still unfazed. "Yeah, just until he goes off to college." Aww, they grow up so fast. 


Hey, Isn't That...

Leave it to Bateman to also crash the Emmys.

The Ozark star promised that his hands are clean and smell like "a garden" while crashing Kimmel's opening monologue, pretending to be a cardboard cut-out of himself sitting in the audience-free Staples Center. 

As for why he decided to crash, Bateman explained, "I haven't left the house for six months. I want to be here, I want to eat shrimp with the cast of The Crown. I want Mario Lopez to ask me about my pants." Remember those days...

Happy New Year!

Leave it to Reese Witherspoon to throw the best socially distanced party, hosting Kerry Washington for a hybrid Emmys/New Year's Ever extravaganza. Why? "Because we're ready for this year to be over," Witherspoon explained. Duh. 

Washington then led their group in a countdown, so yeah, it's now 2021. The power of Washingspoon!

Maybe It's Called the Sore Loser?

How does one react when they Zoom into an awards show only to find out they lost? If they're The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Alex Borstein—who lost Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series to Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy—they grab their cocktail and jokingly scream at the TV, a.k.a. they become a total 2020 Emmys mood. 

What It's Like to Lose at Home

Talk about the s--t they don't show on TV! After he lost in two categories, Ramy Youssef posted a hilarious video about what happens when you lose an award from your house.

In his Instagram clip, one of the "dapper, hazmat-suited trophy presenter" is seen waiting outside his door to hand over the trophy in case he won. When he doesn't win, the trophy presenter waved and promptly left. Simple, strange, and something you could only imagine happening in a year like this. 

Quarantine Diaries

In a fun mid-show package, stars like Kenan Thompson, Bob Odenkirk, Bryan Cranston and Mindy Kaling revealed what they have been doing in quarantine

While Cranston was leading workouts for his (many) Emmy trophies, The Bachelor's Chris Harrison has kept busy trimming roses for upcoming seasons of his show. 

But the true star of the bit was  David Spade making an appearance dressed as Tiger King's Joe Exotic. "I've been in prison," Spade, parodying Joe Exotic, joked. "'Cause of Carole f--king Baskin, you b--ch!"

This article was originally published on Sun, Sep 20, 2020, 8:09 p.m.

The 75th Emmy Awards will now air Monday, Jan. 15, 2024 on Fox.