Jason Sudeikis Receives COVID Test at 2020 Emmys and We Can't Look Away

Before presenting the award of Outstanding Comedy Series to Schitt’s Creek, presenter Jason Sudeikis received a COVID test by a nurse on live TV.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 21, 2020 1:34 AMTags

Safety first!

During the 2020 Emmy Awards on Sept. 20, one presenter did much more than announce a winner in a very important category. As it turns out, Jason Sudeikis decided to take a test for coronavirus moments before announcing the winner for Outstanding Comedy Series.

"The winner of this Emmy category will take its place among some truly legendary shows. Shows like I Love Lucy and..." Jason began before a nurse pulled out a COVID test. "Really? This can't wait 5 minutes? Okay. Sorry, folks, we're legally obligated to get COVID tests every hour. Academy policy. You won't even notice she's here."

But in what was meant to be a playful bit, an unnamed nurse followed protocol by putting a test through both of Jason's nostrils.

"Wow, that's deep," the former Saturday Night Live star shared before being asked what was his birthday. "I don't remember anymore. I think you dented my brain."

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And before announcing Schitt's Creek was the winner and officially swept the comedy categories, Jason had one final question.


"When do I get the results, by the way?" he asked the nurse. 

She replied, "3 to 6 weeks." 

All jokes aside, host Jimmy Kimmel addressed the coronavirus pandemic during his opening monologue. He also explained why celebrating TV is so important during challenging times.

"What is happening tonight is not, it's not going to stop COVID or put out the fires, but it's fun," Jimmy explained to viewers at home. "And right now, we need fun. My God do we need fun. This has been a miserable year. It's been a year of division, injustice, disease, zoom school, disaster, and death." 

"We found a friend who is there for us 24 hours a day. Our old pal, television," Jimmy continued. "That's right. Television is your friend. It's your big brother, your sister, your mama's family, your two dads, three sons, crazy ex-girlfriend, even your dog." 

For the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic and for tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please visit The Center for Disease Control and Prevention at https://www.cdc.gov. To plan your vaccine, head to NBC's Plan Your Vaccine site at PlanYourVaccine.com.