Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Reveals the Sex of Baby No. 3 With John Legend

Chrissy Teigen let out a major secret about her pregnancy while on bed rest. Find out if she’s expecting a baby boy or baby girl.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 17, 2020 10:16 PMTags
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On Sept. 17, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram Stories in what many followers assumed was going to be a casual check-in. But when some fans listened closely, they couldn't help but notice a big reveal.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chrissy just revealed the sex of her third child with John Legend

"I wanted to update you," the 34-year-old shared. "My placenta sucks. It's always been kind of the bad part of my pregnancies with Luna. With Miles, it just stopped feeding him, it stopped taking care of him. I was stealing all his food because I was getting huge but he wasn't getting big at all. He had to come out early and Luna had to come out early. I was induced both times. Anyways, it's super weak. The baby is really, really healthy and he is big!"

Wait, did she just say 'he?' Yes, it's going to be a boy!

"I am stupid," Chrissy continued after covering her mouth and confirming she accidentally let the sex of her third child slip. "Anyway, so yeah its growing beautifully. Everything is good, I'm feeling good but my placenta is really, really weak and its causing me to really bleed a lot."

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Chrissy went on to say that her biggest priority at the moment is making sure her placenta is healthy again. As a result, she is continuing a two-week long best rest.

"I am on complete and total don't get out except to pee pee bed rest," she explained. "I just wanted to share that because I tell you guys everything and it's such a bummer because I had to cancel so much work and I was really excited to talk to so many different people and do these events because it would start to feel like normal life again but the timing is just s--t and I apologize. I'm sorry. But I have to make baby okay."

Back in August, Chrissy announced she was pregnant when appearing in her husband's "Wild" music video

The final shot of the steamy visual project featured the Cravings author holding her growing belly with John standing behind her.


As pop culture fans may recall, Chrissy first met John on the set of his "Stereo" music video in 2006. And as they like to say, the rest is history.  

Before concluding her latest Instagram Stories, Chrissy advised expectant moms to check with their doctors if they are experiencing similar situations. She also expressed appreciation for all her friends and fans who continue to support her family.

"Thank you for all your well wishes," she shared before revealing a pregnancy craving. "And thank you for all the donuts."