Carole Baskin's New TV Project Revealed—and Yes, She's Looking for Justice

Dancing With the Stars contestant and Tiger King star Carole Baskin revealed she is working with her husband Howard Baskin on an unscripted series.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 17, 2020 5:45 PMTags

Carole Baskin is ready to expose animal abusers around the world.

E! News can confirm the Tiger King star and her husband Howard Baskin are teaming up with ITV America's Thinkfactory Media for a new unscripted series that aims to bring animal abusers to justice.

"This is a chance for us to use our new platform to battle the everyday evils facing big cats and so many other animals," the couple said in a joint statement to E! News on Sept. 17. "Working with Thinkfactory on this show will help us further our life's mission, while bringing important stories and information to ‘cool cats and kittens' across the country." 

According to Variety, who first reported the news, the project will be taken to markets soon and pitched to multiple broadcast, cable and streaming platforms. In other words, Carole will have plenty of time to finish out her stint on Dancing With the Stars before her next project hits the small screen.

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"This partnership and new series fall right into Thinkfactory's wheelhouse, offering a unique new format with incredibly vibrant and passionate individuals at its center," Thinkfactory CEO Adam Reed said in a statement. "Carole and Howard are fun, intense, unpredictable, wildly driven, and, oh yeah, they've very recently become pop culture sensations. We're excited this project will offer them an opportunity to propel their work in unconventional and heart-pounding new ways."


Fans first met Carole earlier this year in the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. She was accused of murdering her ex-husband Don Lewis. In fact, tiger wrangler Joe Exotic speculated that she fed Don's remains to rescued tigers. 

Carole vehemently denies the accusations and decries her portrayal in the series.  

"There are no words for how disappointing it is to see that the series not only does not do any of that, but has instead chosen to be as salacious and sensational as possible to draw in viewers," she said in a previous statement to E! News. ""As part of that, they devoted an entire segment to 23-year-old lies and innuendos suggesting I was involved in my husband Don's 1997 disappearance." 

Carole has never been formally named a suspect in the disappearance of Don. Police continue to ask for new leads in the investigation.

Ultimately, the public remains divided when it comes to where they stand with Carole. During a recent episode of The View, several panelists shared their opinions on the reality star's debut on Dancing With the Stars.

"I felt bad about watching it afterward because she is an alleged murderer. I believe she murdered her husband," Meghan McCain shared. Sunny Hostin added, "I didn't watch Dancing With the Stars because of Carole because I prosecuted murder cases. I can't watch it...I can't do it."