Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick Pull the Ultimate Prank on Kris Jenner, But Did They Go Too Far?

By Alyssa Ray Sep 18, 2020 1:00 AMTags
Watch: Khloe & Scott's Ultimate Kris Jenner Prank "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S19, Ep1)

The perfect prank.

On the Sept. 17 season 19 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick once more pranked famed momager Kris Jenner. As E! readers may recall, last season, the Good American mogul dressed as the famous matriarch and had Scott direct a photo shoot, where she ate fast food, littered and smoked a cigarette.

According to Khloe, "since the first set of photos weren't that believable," it was time to up the ante and try again.

"So, tonight is the start of phase two," the mother of one shared in a confessional. "We need to get some actual photos that are gonna be believable."

The plan? To get Kris to imbibe a lot at dinner so she wouldn't remember too much from the evening.

Thus, while out with Kris, Corey Gamble and Kim Kardashian, Khloe ordered a martini and encouraged her mother to have one as well.

"Mom, you want one too?" Khloe suggested. "You should have one, I've never had a martini."

Little to Kris' knowledge, Khloe was actually drinking water in a martini glass the whole time.

Kris Jenner's Funniest Moments

"I have the bartender giving mom her dirty martinis and I have my water martinis," Khloe shared with the KUWTK camera. "Mom thinks this is my first time ever having a martini, so I have to do the whole like, 'Oh, this is so bad.'"

And it's safe to say that things escalated quickly as Kris accused a cocktail shrimp of farting and tossed her drink into Khloe's.

As for the next step, Khloe and Kim enlisted the help of Kris' assistant Matthew.

"Kim had this master idea of reaching out to my mom's assistant," Khloe relayed in a confessional. "As soon as my mom gets home tonight, and she's drunk and throwing her clothes all over the floor or whatever, to get all of her stuff, throw it in a trash bag and Kim will get it to me and I will be in the Kris Jenner outfit from my toes to my jewelry."

She added, "It's all gonna match spot on."

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The next day, thanks to Khloe's glam squad, True Thompson's mom transformed into Kris. With Scott and photographer Vartan in tow, Khloe made her way to a liquor store to take some unflattering images.

After snapping a few pictures in front of the store and in a bush, Scott had Khloe dumpster diving for the money shot.

"Get a little bit of the brick, so it feels real," Scott, taking on the role of director, told Vartan. "Get a close up!"

The photo shoot escalated as Khloe fake puked and peed by the dumpster.

"I feel like I'm Spielberg out there shooting this s--t," Scott quipped to the KUWTK camera. "I mean, I'm killing it. I'm getting every angle, I'm putting together a movie."

Following the shoot, Scott noted that "a prank like this takes time and effort."

"She's gonna be like, 'This could be me,'" the Flip It Like Disick star further noted.

Next up, Scott and Khloe enlisted the help of publicist Christy Welder to call and warn Kris about the photos. Khloe and Scott also informed Kris' boyfriend Corey about the prank.

Khloe Kardashian & True Thompson's Cutest Photos

"I have a quick, quick thing, can I run it by you?" Christy asked Kris while Scott and Khloe were muted on the other line. "So, TMZ called yesterday and they have, you know, kind of following up from the images last time, they have images of you from Monday night."

As the publicist continued, she detailed the photos that were allegedly taken Monday evening. Here's where Corey came in and confirmed that they did stop at a liquor store.

A confused Kris snapped, "Why would we stop?"

The lie Corey told Kris? They stopped at a liquor store so Corey could use the restroom. When he returned to the vehicle, Kris was gone.

"I just don't remember what we were doing," Kris, while looking over the images, said. "What are the trash can images?"

Corey proved to be a phenomenal actor as he informed Kris that they had to pass the trash cans to get to the bathroom.

He added, "I told you to wait and you didn't like, listen to me."

Kris retorted, "Well, that was a mistake."


Khloe and Scott could barely contain their laughter as Kris really began to believe it was her in the photos.

"I know I was really tipsy and I had a lot to drink, but I always rely on Corey," Kris lamented. "I couldn't have any more security, and yet somebody has photos of me, drunk as a skunk at a pit stop that we apparently made."

Continuing on, Kris noted that she was "mortified," "embarrassed" and "infuriated with Corey."

Just after this phone call, Kris and Corey arrived at Khloe's home, where the momager was clearly distraught.

"It just turned really, really bad really soon," Khloe relayed later on. "So, we have to confess and come clean."

Hilariously, it took several moments for Kris to realize what Khloe and Scott were telling her.

Kris concluded, "Wow, wow! I honestly don't like you guys anymore."

For a closer look at the photos of Khloe pretending to be Kris, scroll through the images below.

Who Do We Spy?

Khloe, dressed as Kris, made her way from a liquor store to an alleyway.


The faux momager pretended to take a tumble in a bush.

Parking Lot Antics

After turning the corner, the undercover Khloe found a dumpster.

Dumpster Dive

For a wild shot, Khloe, again pretending to be mom Kris, dove into the dumpster.

Another Angle

Here's another angle of the LOL-worthy shot.

Found It!

What did the pretend Kris find? A bottle of vodka!

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