John David Washington Made One of the Most Relatable Transitions During Quarantine

In a new interview with James Corden, John David Washington shared what it was like moving back in with his parents, Pauletta and Denzel Washington.

By Mona Thomas Sep 17, 2020 4:52 PMTags
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Quarantine had a lot of celebrities changing their living habits, and for John David Washington that meant moving back in with the parents.

The Golden Globe nominee spoke with James Corden on The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked about moving back into his childhood home briefly with his famous parents Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington.

"It's been a long time since [since I've slept in my childhood room]. On holidays when I go see them I'll dip back and forth in there a day or two at a time, but this is definitely the longest since I've left home for college," he said. "It was nice, I got all my old action figures in there, posters, and my most prized possession: I got my Jordans signed by Michael Jordan that are still there."

He recalled meeting the iconic basketball player in middle school after winning a game and having him sign the sneakers after watching him play a game himself.

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The BlacKkKlansman star reminisced, "And never wore them since, I retired them obviously because not only did I win the game I got them signed by Jordan so, like Ice Cube said, 'Today was a good day.' That epitomizes the entire day for me that time."

Washington also spoke about his latest Christopher Nolan-directed spy thriller film Tenet, which released in theaters Sept. 3. As one of the first films to be released since the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantine, Corden asked the 36-year-old star if he remembered the first movie he saw in theaters that had a strong impact on his life.

"A huge impact on me as a kid was the first Ninja Turtles. I mean that was epic, epic, I'm serious. That was an event for me," he laughed. "I got a chance to take a picture with Donatello."

There may not be anyone more relatable on the big screens than John David Washington.