Watch Kim Cattrall Rush to Protect a Huge Family Secret in Filthy Rich Sneak Peek

Fox’s new family drama, Filthy Rich, finds Kim Cattrall in the role of Margaret Monreaux, the widow of an insanely popular Christian TV network’s founder.

By Jonathan Borge Sep 17, 2020 6:30 PMTags
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Margaret Monreaux will do anything to protect her family's reputation.

At least, that's apparent in an exclusive clip from Fox's Filthy Rich, a soapy drama about faith, wealth, and hot gossip. As the name implies, it follows the Monxreauxes, a crazy-rich family of devout Christians who built their empire thanks to the beloved Christian TV network, Sunshine, their father Eugene (Gerald McRaney) created.

After Eugene dies in an unexpected plane crash, Kim Cattrall's Margaret steps in to keep the family business afloat and put on a good face for the world—only to find out via her late husband's will that certain assets were given to three illegitimate children the family knew nothing about. 

In the exclusive clip below, Margaret's son Eric, played by Corey Cott, almost slips the hush-hush news about said illegitimate children during a live segment on Sunshine led by Aaron Lazar's Reverend Paul Luke Thomas. Mourning his father's death, Eric takes the mic from the Reverend and thanks him for giving him the freedom to "unburden" his heart. 

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"My heart is heavy and full of grief for myself and my family for I fear that we have lost our way," Eric says, nervously moving on to (almost) reveal the big family secret.

He continues, "So my father, Eugene, the man that you all knew and loved, unbeknownst to us he had three—" just before Margaret, watching from the control room, cuts the segment and runs to threaten the Reverend, who encouraged Eric to speak his truth in the first place.

It's a salacious taste at what the gossipy new drama will bring viewers.

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For fans who may be wondering, Cattrall says Margaret is far from Samantha Jones, the sex-obsessed Sex and the City character the 64-year-old is best known for. 

"I don't see Samantha in [Margaret at all]," Cattrall told Haute Living. "I don't think she has the swagger of Samantha. She doesn't use sexuality in any shape or form. Samantha's was a sexual power alley, and that's not a card that Margaret uses. She's not comfortable with it. All of her energy goes into her work and her family. There's a confidence, but she is not a cougar."

Watch the exclusive clip above—and catch Filthy Rich when it premieres Monday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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