Anna Faris Plans Wedding, Babies With Her Dude

The actress talks about her upcoming wedding, how she and her fiancé are already expanding their family and what kind of mom she would make!

By Cristina Gibson Apr 15, 2009 6:32 PMTags
Chris Pratt, Anna FarisAlexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Bride-to-be Anna Faris is wasting no time with her wedding plans.

At the Loomstate for Target clothing collection debut party in Venice, the Observe and Report actress revealed she will definitely be walking down the aisle within the next nine months.

"We keep playing with different ideas, like maybe something really, really small, eloping, or a big wedding," Faris tells E! News. "We are all over the place, and I think it's making him crazy!"

But fiancé Chris Pratt makes her crazy, too, in a good way...

"He's a dude, and I like dudes! He's a hunter, he fishes, it's great!" she tells E! of her future hubby.

The two are already practicing parenting with their new puppy. "It turns out a puppy needs a lot and poops and pees all the time," she says. "We're having a great time, we're expanding our family slowly, which is really nice."

As for what kind of mom she thinks she's be once she actually has a baby, the actress says she hopes to be very hands-on.

"I hope I wouldn't get lazy, but I love being around kids," Faris tells E! News. "Sometimes I relate to them in an adult manner, which is a little annoying, but I would love to be a mom at some point!"

—Reporting by Aly Weisman

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