Candy Spelling: I Will Never Marry Again!

The matriarch of the television dynasty family talks Tori (of course!), her new gift-wrapping room and why another husband is out of the question

By Marc Malkin Apr 15, 2009 6:10 PMTags
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Oh, those Spellings just can't get along, can they?

Let's hope, for the sake of Tori's kids, Liam and Stella, that she and her mom, Candy, will reconcile someday.

In the meantime, the estranged mother and daughter have books to sell.

We caught up with the elder Spelling last night at L.A.'s Grove mall, where she was signing copies of her literary debut, Stories From Candyland, at Barnes & Noble.

Of course, we talked about Tori. But that's not all. Find out why Candy must have a gift-wrapping room in her new home, why she'll never remarry and the chances of Candy herself appearing on the new 90210.

Have you ever considered getting married again?
I started dating, and I'm obviously going to look for Mr. Wonderful, but I'm never going to meet the love of my life the way [Aaron] was—ever. I probably would never remarry. Unless you're going to start a family or there's a financial reason to get married.

Are you going to have a gift-wrapping room and a doll room in your new place, like you have at Spelling Manor? [Candy recently put the estate on the market for $150 million.]
There isn't going to be a doll room, but the wrap room is going to exist. That's part of my life. I started doing that when I was ten years old. I love that. It's special to me.

Now, a Tori question: Are you going to watch Tori on the new 90210?
Of course I'm going to watch! You know, she's my daughter and I love her. I don't know if people don't understand that I've reached out to her and I keep reaching out. And you know what? I'm never going to stop trying.

Are you going to send her a note or anything, after you watch the show?
I'll probably email her like I always do. But I never know what she actually reads. Well, I check status and that tells me if somebody's opened it.

And since both of your children have had roles on 90210, would you ever consider having a role or a cameo on the show?
I've never thought of it. It's something to think about, now that you've mentioned it.

—Additional reporting by Dahvi Shira

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