Kelly Clarkson Found Inspiration After Her Life "Took a Nosedive"

On Monday, Sept. 15, Kelly Clarkson spoke with Seth Meyers on his late-night series to talk about her new music and how her divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock.

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Piece by piece, she's putting her life back together.

Kelly Clarkson sat down with Late Night with Seth Meyers host Seth Meyers to chat about her quarantine experience, new music and how her divorce inspired her next album.

"I think I wasn't feeling that creative at first until my personal life just took a nosedive," she shared about her need to be creative during the pandemic. "So I think how I get through my emotions is through music."

Clarkson announced her divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock earlier this year and has been candid about how hard the process has been for her and her family. Like any true artist, she took the pain and turned it into a masterpiece.

"It's very therapeutic for me, so that's how I've always been able to kind of process everything," she explained of her new album. "I'm so thankful for the gift of being able to do that. Because keeping all of that in while going through something so huge, and everybody around you going through something so huge, and there is just a lot of weight with decisions and everything. That was really helpful for me."

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Sharing your life and hardship with the world is often par for the course when it comes to musicians—and Clarkson said she doesn't plan on holding anything back in this next album.

"My whole next record is obviously just kind of about a relationship in the sense of how beautiful and how puppy-love it can be and intimate and all you hope for," the "Since You Been Gone" singer shared. "And then the reality of it sometimes, and it just kind of goes on this whole ride and its just very honest."

She continued, "I don't know how anybody goes through something this traumatic, any kind of loss, honestly, without having some sort of creative outlet or therapy or something. Cause it's so—it's a lot. And especially this year with already a lot. You didn't need to add any kind of cherry on top of the dumpster fire we're all experiencing."

While the road wasn't always easy, Clarkson is determined to speak her truth in hopes that it might help someone else along the way.

"So, you know, it's kind of a—it's a catch-22. I'm excited that I had it as an outlet," she revealed. "I'm not so excited about like everyone hearing all of it, but, you know, I guess we go through things to experience them with everyone, and have a sort of testimony I guess. But I was glad, like I said, that I had that outlet for this time."