Dr. Terry Dubrow Tackles an "Extraordinarily Complicated" Case for a Butchered Beauty on Botched

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A butchered beauty.

On tonight's season six finale of Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif sat down with new patient Jessica and learned about her horrific plastic surgery journey. During her consultation with the Botched doctors, the Los Angeles resident explained how, after significant weight loss, she sought out plastic surgery to fix her sagging skin.

"I decided I need a makeover," Jessica shared in a confessional. "That's when the nightmare started."

Jessica first received a tummy tuck and a breast lift from a doctor in Guadalajara. After not being happy with the surgical results, Jessica traveled to Tijuana, on recommendation from a friend, to meet with a different doctor.

In addition to another tummy tuck, Jessica wanted to increase her breast size and undergo liposuction. This time, Jessica wasn't just unhappy with her results, she was traumatized.

Apparently, the plastic surgeon covered Jessica in surgical tape, which caused her skin to come off with the tape.

Jessica remarked, "And basically he left me with scars everywhere."

Upon hearing this, a horrified Dr. Dubrow was left "speechless." Why?

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In a confessional, he relayed, "Never put tape directly onto a wound. As the skin stretches and becomes swollen, the tape does not expand with it. It will cause a burn-type reaction to the skin."

To make matters worse, after meeting with a second surgeon in Tijuana to fix her oval-looking breasts, Jessica was left with "butchered boobs."

"I'm angry at myself that I made this bad decision," Jessica told the Botched camera. "I feel ashamed, embarrassed. I've been in hiding, I'd rather just stay home."

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In the exam room, Dr. Dubrow realized that Jessica's "sky-gazing nipples" were caused by her low breast pockets.

"Your breast envelope has been stretched," Dr. Dubrow shared with the patient. "So, your breast implant is this big, but your pocket is this big."

This was caused by Jessica's significant weight loss. He continued, "When you lose a lot of weight, you forever lose some of the skin integrity. And, even if you tighten it, it can loosen up."

As the examination continued, the famed plastic surgeon saw firsthand how Jessica's abdomen was "badly abused and beaten up" by her previous doctors. Thus, he pondered if surgery was too high a risk.

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"Jessica's surgery is one of the most extraordinarily complicated procedures to do," Heather Dubrow's husband explained. "Because, the skin has been so stretched out, it has a lot of internal and external scarring and the ability to get a really good result is actually quite limited."

Regardless, Jessica still wanted to go ahead with surgery.

"I know that not everything is a hundred percent," Jessica said in a confessional. "But, anything is better than what I have now. I'm tired of being a homebody like, I want to live my life."

Come surgery day, Dr. Dubrow had a plan to remove and replace Jessica's implants, close off the breast pockets, do a breast lift, revise scars and remove skin from the abdomen.


Unfortunately for Jessica, due to the complicated nature of her case, she required four more additional surgeries by Dr. Dubrow.

"Jessica was looking great after her check in but, unfortunately, she's had complication after complication," the Botched doctor stated. "And it has required multiple revisions."

During a meeting nine months after the initial surgery, Dr. Dubrow revealed that Jessica faced a breast implant infection. Not to mention, Jessica's implants had been bottoming out.

"Sometimes the patients' bodies just don't cooperate," he further added. "And that's clearly the situation with Jessica."

Still, Dr. Dubrow promised Jessica that he wouldn't give up on her case.

"I thought, at this point, Dr. Dubrow would be like, 'I'm done!'" Jessica concluded. "But he continues to want to help me and I'm very grateful."

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