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Rascal Flatts sang. Carmen Electra sorta danced—auditioning for next season, perhaps?

And on Tuesday another celebrity was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars in an unusually adamant dismissal—no chance to redeem oneself with a dance-off tonight.

Steve-O was in last place after Monday's performance show, scoring only 16 on his rumba, and Vegas oddsmakers had him as the overwhelming favorite, at 1-3, to be the one to have to pack his shoes and go.

But Ty Murray and Lawrence Taylor, who was in the bottom two last week, didn't do that great, scorewise...and while you can do the math, the numbers just love to lie.

They didn't this time, however.

Multiple injuries later, Stephen "Steve-O" Glover's latest and perhaps most personally demanding stunt came to an end tonight.

"I met a lot of challenges, I made a lot of mistakes, the fans kept me around enough to learn from it all," the raspy-voiced Jackass star said in thanks. "It's been awesome. It's forced me to really grow as a person—for that, I'm super grateful...Everyone, thank you so much."

And in reference to his persevering partner, Lacey Schwimmer: "Lacey's been extremely patient putting up with me. Sometimes I tend to manstruate."

So with that, Steve-O left his mark on both the competition and the pop-culture lexicon.

It wasn't revealed tonight who had the second-least amount of votes, although Ty Murray, who only scored two points higher than Steve-O last night, was left to sweat it out until the end.

Chuck Wicks, who hasn't yet fulfilled his potential in the judges' eyes, was also made to wait, along with, for a change, Gilles Marini, who revealed to E! News today that he's going to need surgery on that separated shoulder as soon as DWTS is done for the season. 

Last night's leader, Lil' Kim, was safe right off the bat, as were Lawrence Taylor (who could have been in the bottom two), Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft.

(Originally published April 14, 2009, at 7:10 p.m. PT)

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