Watch James Corden Pitch Baby Names to Expectant Dad Usher

Usher sat down with James Corden for a socially distant chat on The Late Late Show and the father-to-be got some advice. Watch the host hilariously offer up some baby names for the singer.

By Vannessa Jackson Sep 11, 2020 5:31 PMTags
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He's back at it again!

James Corden is airing his late-night television show The Late Late Show from his studio again and he hasn't missed a beat. The host had Usher as a guest on Thursday Sept. 10 to talk about new music, new projects and a new baby!

The singer recently announced that he's expecting a child with girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea. "Its been a tough time for everybody, so I'm really excited to have this incredible news," Usher shared. "This new arrival. I'm really anticipating it." James then asked the musician if he had already thought about any baby names.

He joked, "Well not like George Forman, I can't name all my kids George. If it's a girl I don't think that Usher would flow well." The former athlete turned grill master famously named all of his children different variations of the name George, but it looks like Usher is playing by his own rules.  Who knows, Usher might be a unique name for a daughter.

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"I've got a few names in mind," Usher said. "But maybe you could help me? Give me a few suggestions."

He had more than a few funny ones to offer. "I feel like one of your boys is called Usher, what's the other one called," James asked the singer who confirmed his other son is named Naviyd Raymond. "Naviyd, Usher, I think you go Dave."

Usher wasn't completely sold on the idea, but James made some good points. "Not David, just Dave," the host quipped. "Dave Raymond. I honestly think Dave Raymond. He can get you stuff. You know what I mean? Dave Raymond knows a guy who knows a guy who could sort you out.

Again, Usher wasn't feeling it and asked for a new suggestion, but James was really rooting for Dave. "I am so set on Dave," he joked. And if its a girl? Davina. James has all the solutions! James also revealed that he's always wanted to name a kid Detective Inspector and Usher suggested Inspector Gadget might even be better.

Usher revealed he's got some ideas of his own, but he's keeping the big reveal until the baby is officially out in the world. Whatever he plans on naming his newborn, with Usher as your dad, you can't go wrong.