Jillian Michaels Reveals She Contracted Coronavirus After Letting Her "Guard Down for an Hour"

In a new interview, celeb trainer Jillian Michaels spoke out about her health scare and how she got coronavirus from a close friend.

By Jess Cohen Sep 09, 2020 2:40 PMTags
Jillian MichaelsPaul Archuleta/Getty Images

Jillian Michaels has recovered after contracting coronavirus from a close friend.

The fitness entrepreneur shared the health news in an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday, Sept. 8. When asked her thoughts on going back to the public gyms amid the ongoing pandemic, Michaels explained, "If you are afraid of getting COVID, you should not go to the gym. I'm actually a person who let my guard down—I haven't even spoken about this publicly really—and a very close friend of mine gave me COVID several weeks ago."

Michaels, 46, went on to note that she's "fortunate" to have "gone into it healthy" and was able to "get on the other side of it pretty quick." However, she knows that's not the case for everyone.

"All I can tell you is," Michaels, who was on the show to promote her at-home fitness app, said, "if you are afraid of getting COVID, a public gym is probably a place where you will get it."

Stars With Coronavirus

"I literally let my guard down for an hour with one of my best friends who does my hair and makeup...and got it," the mom of two continued. "It's just that simple. So, if you're not in a mask and that person is not in a mask and they have COVID and have no idea...because by the way I had no idea that I had it for six days. My friend had no idea that she had it when she gave it to me. Anticipate that you will likely get it."

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Michaels joins a growing list of celebrities who are speaking out about their experience with coronavirus.

On Sept. 2, Dwayne Johnson revealed that he and his family—including wife Lauren Hashian and their daughters Jasmine and Tianaare recovering from COVID-19. "The reason I feel this is different is my No. 1 priority is to always protect my family, protect my children, my loved ones... so this one was a real kick in the gut," the actor said. "But I am happy to tell you guys that we as a family are good."

Back in March, Andy Cohen shared news that he too had contracted the virus.

"After a few days of self-quarantine, and not feeling great, I have tested positive for Coronavirus," he wrote on Instagram alongside a selfie from bed. "I want to thank all the medical professionals who are working tirelessly for all of us, and urge everybody to stay home and take care of themselves."

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