Justin Bieber Debuts Massive Neck Tattoo

You definitely won't miss Justin Bieber's newest tattoo—but watch out for the thorns.

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 08, 2020 1:40 PMTags
Watch: Justin Bieber Debuts a New Massive Neck Tattoo

Everything's coming up roses for Justin Bieber—quite literally. 

As evidenced by any shirtless photo of the world-famous pop star, Bieber is no stranger to the art of body ink. With dozens of tattoos adorning his skin, the singer has amassed quite the collection over the years—and it has grown yet again. On Monday, Sept. 7, the star revealed his latest ink: a rose adorning the left side of his neck. 

"@_dr_woo_ thank you for the [rose emoji]," he captioned a photo of himself showing off his new neck decoration. Bieber credited celebrity tattoo artist Brian Woo, known at work as Dr. Woo, who has also tattooed his famous wife, Hailey Bieber. In late August, Woo shared a photo of a series of symbols he tattooed onto Hailey's right hand. 

In 2019, it was confirmed Bieber also got ink on his face in the form of the word "grace" just above his right eyebrow.

Justin Bieber's Many Tattoos

It wasn't the first tattoo on his face, though, since tattoo artist JonBoy gave him a small black cross near the outside corner of his eye in 2016. "It was a representation of his faith in Jesus," JonBoy explained to E! News at the time, "and his journey with finding purpose in God."

Judging by more recent photos of the performer, it seems the star may have gotten those removed since then.

While he may have have some of the art taken off, it doesn't sound like he has many regrets about most of his other extensive body ink. 

"If tattooed didn't hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not very one!!" he wrote to fans on Instagram in 2018. "Over a hundred hours of art work on my body and I wouldn't take back a single one.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it's SO MUCH FUN."