Runway's Catty Kenley Collins Lands on Her Feet

Former Project Runway contestant's assault charges dropped to disorderly conduct

By Breanne L. Heldman Apr 14, 2009 4:21 PMTags
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Project Runway's dramas have subsided and, apparently, so have season-five finalist Kenley Collins'.

The designer initially faced a second-degree felony assault charge for allegedly throwing her cat, computer, apples and water at fiancé (at the time) Zak Penley last month. Today, however, the charged was reduced even lower than the misdemeanor that was expected.

Collins pleaded guilty in a Brooklyn courtroom to a count of disorderly conduct, which, Judge Miriam Cyrulnik explained, is considered a violation and not a criminal charge. The reality-TV star was sentenced to a $120 fine and a two-year protection order barring her from having contact with Penley. The incident will remain sealed and not appear on her criminal record.

According to the district attorney, the sentence was reduced on the basis that Penley received no treatment and the alleged kitty-flinging caused no serious injury.

At her previous court appearance on March 26, the retro-styled seamstress denied using the feline in a violent manor, claiming she placed it on the bed gently.

Collins arrived early for her arraignment at Brooklyn Criminal Court Tuesday morning, dressed appropriately in a bright blue bubble dress with black tights, a black cardigan, short, black patent leather booties and her signature red lipstick. Her spirits were high as she joked with her attorney while they awaited the judge's arrival.