Allow the Cast of The Boys to Warn You About the Newest Superhero, Stormfront

The cast of The Boys explains why the newest character Stormfront is not to be messed with and might even be worse than Homelander.

By Lauren Piester, Alli Rosenbloom Sep 05, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Watch: "The Boys" Season 2: Stormfront Joins The Seven

This article contains mild spoilers for the first three episodes of The Boys season two. 

Not all superheroes are who they first appear to be. 

That's true for most of the supes on The Boys—which returned for season two on Sept. 4—but especially true for its most recent addition. Stormfront, played by Aya Cash, is a character from the comics who was originally a man. Now, she's a woman who at first glance, appears to be a cool, badass lady who takes no s--t. But by episode three, it's clear that the newest member of the Seven is actually pretty terrible. In fact, as Jesse T. Usher, who plays A-Train, tells E! News, "Stormfront sucks." 

In the video above, the cast of the Amazon Prime Video drama explains just how much she actually does suck, even compared to Homelander (Antony Starr), the previous worst member of the Seven. 

"If you thought Homelander was bad, wait 'til you get a load of Stormfront," Karl Urban, also known as Billy the Butcher, says. "She's a piece of work." 

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Showrunner Eric Kripke explains that the writers wanted to throw the audience off by making Stormfront super likable in the first two episodes before revealing how hateful she is. She's also designed to "torture" the previous worst member of the Seven, Homelander. 

"We wanted Homelander's worst nightmare to occur, and that would be a strong woman who wasn't scared of him and stole the spotlight from him," Kripke says. "Because he's such a gaping hole of insecurity, that could be the worst thing he could think of." 

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Cash says Stormfront and Homelander come from two very different worlds. 

"[Stormfront] comes out of the social media world. She is the equivalent of our TikTok YouTube stars, a sort of different generation of media," she says. "Homelander's one of them old movie stars who doesn't know what to do with Instagram." 

The new supe comes in and "shakes things up" with her super strength and ability to shoot electricity out of her hands. 

Starr says Stormfront has "an awful personality," which says a lot coming from the man who plays Homelander. 

"She is a gigantic pain in Homelander's butt," he says of the newbie. "From the first moment we lay eyes on each other, Homelander would like to tear her little limbs off her body and this deepens and thickens throughout the season. She's a real problem for him because she represents something that he's never experienced before." 

Stormfront's story intersects with Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) quite a bit and while Fukuhara couldn't talk much about it, she says she could see Stormfront inspiring discussions outside of the show. 

"I hope that her character will open up difficult conversations within friends and within family," she says. "Because people like her exist in real life." 

Watch the video above for more from the cast, and stay tuned to hear them talk about some the more absurd scenes that season two of The Boys has to offer. 

The first three episodes are available now on Amazon Prime.