Teresa Giudice Is Selling the New Jersey Home She Shared with Joe Giudice

Fresh start! Teresa Giudice has decided to list the New Jersey home she shared with Joe Giudice. See how the star redecorated her home before putting it on the market.

By Alyssa Morin Sep 02, 2020 9:54 PMTags
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Teresa Giudice is ready for a fresh start.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is listing the home she once shared with her husband, Joe Giudice. Earlier this year, the two decided to go their separate ways after 20 years of marriage.

Real estate agent, Michelle Pais, confirmed the news to People and revealed that Teresa will put her Towaco mansion on the market on Thursday, Sept. 3.

The reality TV personality recently revamped her estate with the help of interior designer Jimmy DeLaurentis. Speaking to E! News in July, Jimmy shared the inspiration behind the house's makeover.

"She was like my house needs a lot of work, it's dark, it's filled with old Italian stuff, Joe is gone," Jimmy recalled. "She was just like, I need to feel lighter in this house. It's a huge house, everything was doom and gloom and dark, and she had memories of a lot of stuff and she just wanted to brighten it up."

A Timeline of Teresa and Joe Giudice's Highs and Lows

"She took me through the house room by room, and she said, 'You see this, this needs to go, and it's a monster house.' She wanted a whole new feel," he explained, adding that they called in painters to brighten up the walls that same day.

At the time, Jimmy admitted that he and Teresa had to hold off on redecorating due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We started that a little bit, but it's on pause. We'll start it back up again when this is all over," he shared. "We'll go back in the house when we can and put in my custom furniture, and I picked chandeliers, cocktail tables, rugs, artwork, these huge lamps I want to put all over the place and we're going to incorporate a grand piano. We have beds, but no one is allowed in the house right now. But Teresa is always like, 'When is my furniture coming?'"

Now that the Bravo star's house is hitting the market, it's safe to assume she finished the new design. According to the New York Post, the $2.5 million property boasts six bedrooms, five bathrooms and sits on four acres of land. 

Curious to see inside Teresa's humble abode? Look through our gallery below for photos of her before and afters.

Foyer: Before

Originally, Teresa's massive entryway featured Italian-inspired furniture, including giant vases and dark chairs.

Foyer: Before

Another angle of the foyer before it received a redesign!

Foyer: After

Jimmy lightened up the space by adding crisp, white chairs and by removing older pieces.

The Great Room: Before

Prior to the makeover, Teresa's great room featured dark brown furniture and drapes.

The Great Room: After

"All my furniture is custom designed, but Teresa's were extra custom because we needed large scale, that room is huge. Her ceilings are like 25 feet tall. We needed couches that were 10 feet long, normal size is about 7 to 8 feet long," Jimmy stated to E! "They're curved and really sexy.  We have two next to each other, and then two large ottomans.  And it's all cream, cream velvet.  I chose that color because I just wanted light, because the house is that dark."

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