Below Deck Mediterranean's Captain Sandy Reveals Whether She'd Work With Hannah Ferrier Again

For an exclusive chat with E! News, Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn reflected on this season's drama, including the firing of Hannah Ferrier.

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You better shape up or ship out.

For an exclusive chat with E! News, Below Deck Mediterranean's Captain Sandy Yawn opened up about this season's turnover rate, including the firing of Hannah Ferrier. As Below Deck Med fans may recall, season five has featured second stewardess Lara Flumiani quitting The Wellington and the firings of chef Kiko Lorran and the show's longtime Chief Stewardess.

However, as Captain Sandy noted to E!, that's completely normal for the yachting industry.

"Imagine walking in my shoes, it was challenging," the Bravo personality said of the staffing drama this season. "The Maritime industry has a certain standard…My number one priority is the client."

According to the seasoned captain, there was one charter season where she went through four chefs. While turnover may be expected in the yachting industry, Hannah's departure was a shock for many fans.

During an August episode of the upstairs-downstairs reality show, viewers watched as Captain Sandy fired Hannah after undeclared Valium and a CBD pen were found among her belongings. Hannah has since told E! that she feels her firing "was handled in a very poor way."

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Namely, the fired Chief Stewardess had an issue with the captain's expletive-filled last words for her. So, does Captain Sandy regret her final confrontation with Hannah?

She stated, "Not at all."

As the 55-year-old captain continued, she said she has "no regrets" and defended that her priorities were safety and the client.

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Furthermore, despite their history together, Captain Sandy revealed that she isn't open to working with Hannah again.

"I prefer to work with people I can trust and that's really it, to be honest," she remarked.

Later on in the discussion, Captain Sandy agreed with us that season five may be Below Deck Med's most dramatic to date.

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

What fans may not realize, the captain often witnesses crew drama for the first time as the episodes air.

"The reality is yachts go through crew," Captain Sandy expressed. "Once you find the crew that really gel together than you have a great season and sometimes you just have an off season."

In regard to this season's crew, Captain Sandy shared she'd be happy to work again with Malia White, Bugsy Drake, Robert Westergaard, Jessica More and Alex Radcliffe.

"I like mentoring people, so people who are interested in learning from me…I like people who are serious about their careers," the captain concluded. "Honestly, I'm there because I love what I do and I want people to work for me that love being in the Maritime industry and if they don't, no love lost."

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