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Welcome back, TV fans!

Today, we've got the goods on Private Practice's second-season finale, and it is a doozy. Read on to find out which Oceanside Wellness peeps are quitting, getting fired, getting busy with the wrong person and/or very possibly dying.

Plus, on Gossip Girl, what happens when the world finally finds out about Jack Bass and Blair's New Year's Eve assignation? Is someone you love dying on Supernatural? And will dastardly Dan ever get a heart on One Tree Hill?

Plus, is Pam movin' up on The Office? And how does Izzie feel about her mom's arrival on Grey's Anatomy? Here's what we're hearing...

David in Brentwood, Tenn.: I heard that the CW might pick up Chuck if NBC cancels it. Please say that's true!

Chuck, Zachary Levi

NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Sorry, false. Inside sources tell us the CW currently has no plans to rescue Chuck should NBC drop it. But don't forget to vote for Chuck or your other favorites in our Save One Show campaign.

Holly in Edinboro, Pa.: When will we know which show won Save One Show?
We'll announce the top four on April 22, and the voting closes April 29. We'll announce the big winner on May 1.

Mr. Orange: Any hopes that Virginia Dixon (Mary McDonnell) will be added as a regular on Grey's Anatomy?
Unfortunately, when Dr. Dixon turned down the head of cardiothoracic surgery job, that sealed her fate of never stepping foot back in Seattle Grace. Sources tell us there are no plans to bring Mary McDonnell back.

Michelle in Quincy, Mass.: What is your Twitter name? I would love to follow your tweets. Thanks!
You can follow us @kristinalert on Twitter, and you can always see our three or four latest tweets in the blue Twitter widget on the right side of the main page. Thanks for asking!

American Idol, Adam Lambert

Michael Becker / FOX

Zane in Los Angeles: Is American Idol's Adam Lambert gay? Not that it matters, but the rumor's out there and he's never addressed it.
That's for Adam to disclose, not us. But the frontrunner did tell us this at the American Idol top 13 party last month: "I didn't take that advice to not Google yourself. I did. I saw it all [referring to some photos of him kissing another guy]. My thought? Oh well! It is what it is. It doesn't matter to me."

Simon in Agoura Hills, Calif.: Any scoop on Southland?
The subtle reveal that John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) is gay will be explored further in episode three. And star Shawn Hatosy tells us that Southland bigwigs are doing everything they can to portray the lives of these cops realistically. "We're shooting [with] very small crews, and we're kind of just going into the real area of South Central and using the real areas in trying to get it as authentic as possible as Los Angeles," he says. "It has a feeling of honesty to it." (Southland definitely has more authentic L.A. than 90210, a lack of veracity that the new 90210 boss is now righteously trying to rectify. More on that coming in 90210 vids tomorrow.)

Lost, Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell


Triangle Girl in Rome: Can I suggest another debate? You should make one for Kate, Sawyer and Juliet on Lost. I love this new triangle, and I'm intrigued to read fans' opinions about it.
Oooh! Great idea. OK, if you guys are up for another Lost love debate, send in 250 words or less in favor of either Suliet or Skate. Keep it clean and focus on the positives of your side, not the negatives of the other side. Get your submissions in to by this Friday, and thank you all for being so awesome and articulate!

Steven in Houston: The Office is so great right now! What's coming up?
"Take me home, country road...."
("In German!") So great. Believe it or not, The Office is already filming its 100th episode (due to air May 14), and E! News will be on the set tomorrow to get to goods on both Dunder Mifflin and the Michael Scott Paper Company Inc. Check out the official MSPC website right now, and then check back soon for more scoop!

Brendan in Portland, Ore.: Is it true that Melora Hardin got a pilot? What does this mean for her being on The Office?
Yes, Melora was cast in the new FX pilot called Lights Out, which begins filming this week. Melora says of the pilot, "It's a real gritty, sexy drama about an ex-prize fighter who's married to a pediatric osteopath, that's me. We have children together, and it's a very gritty, sexy relationship that's broken, yet working." As far as this getting in the way of The Office, "Hopefully this pilot will go to series, and I'll be really busy with that," adds Melora.

Thora in Baltimore: I love Parks and Recreation! Aziz Ansari is hilarious! Anything about the men of Pawnee?
Well get ready for more Aziz because Rashida Jones tells us exclusively that he isn't going anywhere. "Tom is relentless. We'll definitely find out more about Tom's relationship with his wife and that whole situation down the line. And we find out a lot more about Mark and his personal life, his dating life. I think that hopefully people will feel like they want to see the characters more, and then once they do, we'll give them the pleasure of getting into the little, nasty corners of their lives." As long as Tom keeps hitting on Ann, we're tuning in!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Private Practice, KaDee Strickland, Paul Adelstein

ABC/Ron Tom

Mac in San Diego: Except for the coma-inducing Sam and Naomi stuff, loving Private Practice lately. Got scoop?
Amanda Foreman is back as delusional Katie for the April 30 season finale, and she's bringing some weapons-grade crazy with her for the big cliffhanger. And a weapon. Yes, she's also bringing a weapon.

Alicia in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada: Is there any chance we'll be seeing Dell and his daughter Betsy together again on Private Practice?
Dell's daughter Betsy will definitely be back. But who's leaving? If next week's season finale is to be believed, Naomi (Audra McDonald), Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) or Violet (Amy Brenneman) might not be back. Which one could you most stand to lose? Post in the comments.

Lisa in Stockton, U.K.: Is Private Practice getting a third season? Any scoop on Addison/Noah?
Private Practice
will almost certainly be picked up for a third season—in part because it's been doing great in its new post-G.A. slot. (Yay and yay.) As for Addison-Noah-Morgan, sigh. Deep, depressed sigh. Does Shonda have something against marriage? Can anyone name one single committed Shondaverse relationship that hasn't been devastated by infidelity or indiscretion of some kind?! Why are all her couples actually threesomes? Grumble. The kids on Gossip Girl are better relationship role models.

Katherine Heigl, Sharon Lawrence, Grey's Anatomy


Chloe in Escondido, Calif.: Grey's Anatomy!
When parents collide! Thatcher Grey and Sharon Lawrence as Izzie's mom are both slated to appear in the April 30 episode, which was written by Anatomy maestro Krista Vernoff. And the two men in Ellis Grey's life (the Chief and Thatcher Grey) finally kinda throw down, and Izzie turns out to be a chip off the old block. Her mom, Robbie, is extremely chipper, like a less evil Tracy Flick. Seriously, bring a Kleenex box to this ep, because we're all gonna cry. BTW, the biggest rumor in rumorville right now is that it's not Mer and Der who get married, but Alex and deathbed Izzie. Cross your fingers, Alex-Iz fans!

Kelly in Des Moines, Iowa: No more love stuff. I want to know what's going to happen with all the mythology/monster stuff on Lost.
Mrs. Hawking and Daniel Faraday are both coming back for "The Variable" on April 29 (which just so happens to be the series' 100th ep). Also present are Penny and Charles Widmore and Charlie Hume (not to be confused with Charlie Pace). As for the variable itself, it will almost certainly tie back to the equations and notations from the blast-door map we saw in season two, which included such bon mots as "Geological composition likely to cause magnetic disturbances/interference with weather project," "Primary nexus of Cerberus-related activity" and the infamous Valenzetti equation. Come on, who else wants a monster-centric ep? Remember, the only rule about flashbacks is that there are no rules. Before the end of the season, Smokey is totally gonna get himself some backstory!

James Denton

ABC/Ron Tom

Sherrie in Montrose, Ga.: Are Mike and Katherine in it for the long haul on Desperate Housewives?
According to Dana Delany, the two seem to be here to stay. "I don't think they know what the finale is yet. We have two more [episodes] left. I love working with Jamie Denton (Mike), and I hope that that continues, and I think it will because we had a nice little scene this week that we shot where we get good news." Hmmm, now what sort of good news might that be? Usually when a couple becomes engaged they don't refer to it as "getting good news." We're thinking it might be something more along the lines of a little bundle of joy.

Frannie in Orlando, Fla.: Does Dan ever get another heart on One Tree Hill?
Dan's heart storyline is not resolved by the end of the season, so it looks like the bastard lives to fight another season! Can Dan even really be killed? He seems like one of those supersoldiers you can just shoot holes through and they keep getting up.

Josh in Atlanta: Please tell me that the big Supernatural death is not Bobby.
All we can say is that the big Supernatural death is very sad, but not entirely unpredictable.

Leighton Meester

Anthony Dixon /WENN

Catherine: What happened to the Blair/Jack Bass secret on Gossip Girl?
Blair did hook up with Jack Bass on New Year's Eve, but when that info comes out, it barely makes a dent in the storyline. (Who else was hoping for a least a jealous freak-out from Chuck?)

Tina in British Columbia: Sooo excited about Gwen Stefani appearing on Gossip Girl!can you tell us anything more?
According to, No Doubt will be appearing in the Lily episode as a band named—wait for it—Snowed Out. (Heee.) They'll be doing a cover of Adam & the Ants' "Stand and Deliver."

Gio: Your help is sought in finding missing person Jenny Humphrey, cute Brooklyn blonde. Not seen on Gossip Girl for weeks now. Will she be getting a storyline any time soon?
Negatory. Little J is overlooked once again. In the coming weeks every other storyline on the show takes precedence, except when J finally pops up in the finale—she has a key role to play in the coronation of the new queen mean girl. In the meantime, however, we always have your Taylor Momsen needs covered in Fashion Police.

Jenna Fischer, The Office

Chris Haston/NBC

Juliet in Arkansas City, Kan.: Please, can you give us some Office scoop?
It's been pretty tense at Dunder Mifflin lately, what with Idris Elba driving people to quit, but luckily the gang will get to relax a little soon. Creed Bratton teased to us that there's a casual Friday coming up where Jim (John Krasinski) and Creed play chess. BTW, is that Pam sitting at a sales desk in that pic on the right? Whee!

Aaron in Miami: Is Alec going to break up Robert and Kitty on Brothers & Sisters?
Alec (Matt Letscher) asks for Kitty's (Calista Flockhart) help while searching for a new home. Unfortunately, the house tour shows Kitty just what she's missing, and when Alec and Kitty get into a freak car accident, Robert discovers her emotional affair.

Peggy in Santa Barbara, Calif.: Are any of the cast of 90210 heading for Melrose Place?
No one has been officially confirmed, but Rob Estes tells us, "My money's on Ryan—he'd be a perfect crossover." Who do you think should make the leap over to 90210's sister show?

Melanie in Del Mar, Calif.: What's the deal with Dixon's biomom coming on 90210?
Dixon's (Tristan Wilds) biological mom does come back in the picture, which causes quiet the emotional meltdown with the family. And though the promos tease a big reunion, don't expect it to be as special as they're selling. Rob Estes tells us, "We may see [Dixons mom], but do we meet her? She shows up and then disappears for a while. They actually go after her...They go looking for her."

AnnaLynne McCord, Matt Lanter, 90210

Jordin Althaus/The CW

Mitch in San Diego: I knew Dustin Milligan was leaving 90210, but now Silver? What's going on?
Silver is leaving West Bev High, but Jessica Stroup is not leaving the show. That is, if her character doesn't die in the season finale.

Dyan in Queens, N.Y.: More Matt Lanter on 90210 please!
Liam's causing some drama and really turning into the Dylan McKay we've been waiting for. Matt Lanter says, "Liam takes out Ethan to a camping trip. Ethan's trying to find himself and Liam encourages that from people, trying to find what's deep inside. He gets Ethan into some trouble. Liam's presence is being felt in a pretty major way." That's not the only 90210er he's messing with. His new romance with Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) is headed for a rough patch. "By the end of the season, there's going to be some major drama with [Naomi] and her sister and possibly Annie. There's some problem with her sister. She comes in and she definitely makes things tough in 90210. People are definitely going to be angry and betrayed," adds Matt.

Dollhouse, Eliza Dushku

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Edward in West Deptford, N.J.: How about some Dollhouse scoop?
As we reported last week, Dollhouse episode 14, aka "Epitaph One," takes place in the future, but we've since learned that the ep is set 30 years in the future, and that the episode includes no main characters. Hmmm...Speaking of Dollhouse, the Victor-Lonelyhearts reveal was a shocker, no? Does that lay to rest your doubts about the Dollhouse being almost purely an engine of sexual exploitation? Or is the Dollhouse just like any new technology—film, VHS, the Internet—where the porny types are always the first adopters?

Melissa in Phoenix: Are we going to find out more about the Kutner suicide on House? Could it have been murder? What's coming up?
Nope. It's definitely not a murder. The show's executive producer Katie Jacobs tells us, "It was a suicide." Period. Executive producer David Chase adds, "Everybody's going to be impacted. We are going to see, perhaps surprisingly, Cameron and Chase's reactions to it. We're going to see more of that. We are going to bring Cameron and Chase to the forefront a little bit." But, of course, the greatest impact will be on Dr. House. "He's the one who has the least ability to cope with it, and as a result, it has the greatest impact on him," adds David.

Kristi in Boise, Idaho: There has been a complete lack of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and In Plain Sight scoop!  I will take scoop on either or both. I just want some scoop.
How about a little of both? Over on Law & Order: CI, Jeff Goldblum hits the ground running in the second episode. Det. Zach Nichols and Det. Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) may be able to finish each other's sentences, but there are some trust issues between them they'll have to work on. Over on In Plain Sight, Kevin Rankin, aka Friday Night Lights' Herc and Lost's Jerry is heading for Albuquerque, N.M. In the second episode he plays a pot-smoking witness to a DEA agent's murder.

My Boys, Kyle Howard, Jordana Spiro

Patrick Eccelsine/TBS

Jackie in Pasadena, Calif.: My Boys scoop, please.
The board-game Decathlon is back! This year, everyone is playing, including Stephanie (Kellee Stewart), who acts as judge. Poor Kenny (Michael Bunin) is stuck on a team with new couple Bobby and P.J., who squabble over being a little too competitive and end up ruining their chances of winning.

Mel in Washington, D.C.: Getting so excited for Caprica! Will there be any BSG crossover stuff?
Not in the pilot (available online and on DVD April 21), but according to SciFi veep Mark Stern, "I'm lobbying for that. There will definitely be references to Battlestar in Caprica at some point."

Kaitlyn in Los Angeles: Where's Guillermo when Weeds returns?
It looks like we'll be picking up where we left off with Guillermo in prison. Jenji Kohan tells us, "I'd love to talk about the prison system and the role the Mexican mafia plays in it, but I have to be a little careful about it." If Guillermo ends up someone's bitch in prison, he'll surely direct that anger toward Nancy. "Yes, I think so. I think a lot of people are pretty pissed at Nancy," adds Jenji.

Dax in Belmont, W.Va.: Please tell me you have some news on Lie to Me! I love that show, but it's not talked about very often.
We were just on the set when Mekhi Phifer was filming his guest spot, and he gave us the goods on his character: "There's a serial rapist who also blinds his victims, and they assign me to this case and assign the Lightman Group—we're forced to work together. We have our own methods of reaching a goal, and so we're kind of at odds a little bit, but I think at the end of this episode we sort of have a mutual respect for how the other works. I get physical, but as you can see, I stay pretty. I don't get my ass whopped. I'm whopping ass!" When we asked if he might be around longer than the two planned eps, he played coy. "Possibly. Possibly for the duration of the show."

Party Down

2009 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Joan in Lowell, Mass.: Finally caught Party Down on Friday, the ep with the gun and the real-estate scam and Ted from acting class. You were right, it's hilarious. Got any news?
Henry (Adam Scott) and Casey (Lizzy Caplan) try to get jiggy again this week on Party Down. Do they succeed? Not necessarily, but they try. And seriously, guys, if you can find Starz on your TV dial, please do give this show a shot. It is awesome.

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: I actually really like The Unusuals. What's coming up this week?
The Captain continues to put pressure on Casey (Amber Tamblyn) to get information on Walsh (Jeremy Renner), but the real secret you want to know is who he's dating (Hint: It's someone we already know). Also, a friend from Henry's past shows up and we see just how deep in the criminal world he is, not to mention we find out who murdered Kowalski.

April: Love, love, love Harper's Island! Well written, well played. Can't wait to see what happens!
In this week's episode someone dies! Actually, they shake it up and three people die. One is burned alive in a pit, rough break. Abby (Elaine Cassidy) also lets someone get close to her again, too bad they're dead by the end of the episode. By the way, have you checked out Harper's Globe? It's a great interactive way to get to know the victims characters and learn about the island's past murders.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Annabelle Wallis, The Tudors

Showtime Network

Sally in Buffalo, N.Y.: Any info on The Tudors season three?
God stops by a couple eps down the line to punish Henry for persecuting Catholics so mercilessly. OK, not exactly, but that's the gist we get from the intertwining plotlines of Jane Seymour and Robert Aske. Henry did kind of need a cosmic spanking. (Season four was just picked up, BTW!)

Brianne in Boise, Idaho: I love The Big Bang Theory. Do you know what's coming up for Raj and Wolowitz?
We do! And not just Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), but Leonard (Johnny Galecki) too! In the April 27 episode, the threesome heads to Sin City and Simon tells us that it's because Sara Gilbert's Leslie dumps him! Simon says, "We go to help me get over a breakup. Howard gets dumped, and the guys are like, 'Let's go to Vegas!' Of course Sheldon doesn't go because he's Sheldon. He can't handle that." Kunal spilled a little more on the vacay: "A lot of hilarity ensues. We go to Vegas...and there might be hookers involved, which you always know is going to be a good time." And for all you Sheldon and Penny fanatics, the duo is stuck at home—and together—when Sheldon locks himself out of his apartment. Obviously this is a recipe for a hilarious slumber party for the pair.

Boyd in Camden, N.J.: Got any scoop on what's going on with Allison's pregnancy on Eureka?
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
, who plays Allison on Eureka, filled us in on her storyline: "This year our relationship gets a little weird because we have to deal with the fact that I'm pregnant, and [Sheriff Carter] has a new love interest who is a friend of mine. I have to deal with that. I can't get too mad—I am pregnant with someone else's child—but it bugs me, dammit! I don't care. I don't like it! I don't want to say too much about Joe's character, but he has some interesting things to deal with with his old love Kim."

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—Reporting by Natalie Abrams, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters and Bryan Reesman

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