Inside Hayley Hubbard's Pregnancy Workouts With Trainer Erin Oprea Before Baby No. 3

Before welcoming her third child, pregnant Hayley Hubbard and her fitness trainer Erin Oprea give E! News an exclusive look inside their workouts.

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Working out doesn't have to stop once you're expecting.

Just ask Hayley Hubbard, who continues to break a sweat safely before the arrival of her third child with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard. In fact, the couple has been known to work on their fitness together with help from celebrity trainer Erin Oprea.

"Due to COVID, rather than working out in person, we work out on FaceTime with two split screens," Erin exclusively shared with E! News. "Tyler and Hayley workout together and wear their headphones so we can all hear each other talking."

In fact, the couple's eldest daughter Olivia, 2, can't help but take an interest in what her talented parents are during in the fitness department.

"It's a family affair when we work out," Erin joked. "Their daughter, Liv, always join the workout and will do leg planks with mommy and daddy. She likes to mimic them. It's so cute! She thinks the loop bands we use are her necklaces so she'll wear them during the workout too." 

Sweatin' With the Stars

These days, a workout session for Hayley can include everything from one-legged squats to a bicep game. And while fitness is great for any health journey, nutrition is just as important.

Erin told E! News that Hayley works on a "clean, balanced, unprocessed diet." In fact, Hayley and the kids especially love making smoothies together.

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To learn more about Hayley's heath and fitness regiment, keep scrolling to read Erin's step-by-step tips. 

And for those across the country who can't see Erin in person—she also trains A-listers such as Kelsea Ballerini and Maren Morris, just to name a few—you can follow similar workouts on her Pretty Muscles app.

Laura Moll

Side-Step with Shoulder Press:

Loop a band around your ankles and grab one dumbbell between eight to 15 lbs. Hold it with both hands on the ends of the dumbbell and with legs wide putting good resistance on the loop band, go into a half squat.

Now start side stepping and as you step to the left, press the weight above your head and then release it down to your chest. Step again to your left and repeat the overhead press. "Make sure to keep your legs wide the whole time and your steps are super tiny," Erin advised. "I mean, like an inch." 

Step and press 15 times to the left then repeat for 15 more to the right. 

Go back to the left 10 times, return to the right 10 times.

Laura Moll

One-Legged Squats:

Stand on your right leg while holding onto a pole, door frame or even a tree for stability.

Take your left leg back into what Erin described as "a curtsy, but do not place your foot on the ground."

Now drop down into the squat making sure to only use that front right leg. As you stand, drive through your right heel, engaging your booty as you do—for maximum pretty muscle.

Perform 12-15 reps before switching legs.

Laura Moll

Bicep Game:

First and foremost, grab two dumbbells between five to 12 lbs. "This game is sure to light those arms up!" Erin said.

Perform 10 bicep curls and then hold at 90 degrees for 10 seconds. Then, do nine curls with 10-second hold following that. Then, eight curls with a 10-second hold. "I bet you get the game." Erin shared.

Continue your curl sets all the way down to one and each hold "better be that delicious 10 seconds."

Sumo Squat into Upright Rows:

Take your legs wide into a sumo squat position. According to Erin, this puts your toes out at an angle and your legs wider than a normal squat so that your inner thighs get that good burn.

With one dumb bell between five to 15 lbs., go down into a sumo squat and half way up, STOP! Then perform
an upright row. Make sure your elbow is up to shoulder level while the weight stops at boob (or chest) level, squeezing shoulder and back, NOT neck.

Go back down into the sumo squat to perform another. "Twelve to 15 reps per leg will do you good," Erin suggested.

Laura Moll

Bird Dogs:

Go on your hands and knees with either no weight at all or a light weight at about three to five lbs., tops.

Extend your left leg back and your right arm straight forward, palms down. Engage your core and squeeze your booty while your hold for a brief second.

Now take your right elbow back and under to meet your left knee. Then extend back out to repeat the maneuver 12-15 times. "This is only one side of this beauty, so make sure to do another set with the other leg and arm!" Erin added.