Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus

CR:RIV/ Fame Pictures

It was a busy weekend for box-office queen Miley Cyrus—getting photographed walking the dog, then getting photographed picking up a smoothie, then photographing herself on her way to getting photographed.

And somehow, she also managed to squeeze in a personal triumph: getting photographed with Nick Jonas.

Miles and her ex-Prince Charming reunited this weekend for some lunch at the Village Idiot (too perfect) where she twittered their talk about music. No, Miley's older manfriend Justin Gaston was not there, but that's OK: “Nick and Miley’s relationship is strictly platonic,” a source tells E! News. The two were just grabbing some food in between filming the Disney version of "We Are the World."

Once this platonic good time came to an end, Nick went to give his ladyfriend a ride home in his supercool vintage Mustang, but you know how it goes: Steering is hard, especially for new 16-year-old drivers.

Even harder is being a newish driver when there are paparazzi around to document your every mistake. That is how we came to have video of Nick running into some trouble on a narrow street.

The young Jonas Brother scraped by a parked car, leaving behind some minor damage as he escaped and continued on his way.

We can't even blame the paparazzi, who were fairly respectful by paparazzi standards. Guess that means we're just going to have to make fun of poor Nick's driving?

In the end, though, all that matters is everyone made it home safely so they could lay by the pool and think about life, and such was the case. As for the rest of Easter weekend, Miley spent some nonphotographed time with Justin, who our Cyrus source says “spent all Easter with the Cyrus family.”

—Reporting by Whitney English

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