Dr. 90210 Teaser: See How the All-Female Doctors Are "Changing the Face of Plastic Surgery"

The all new Dr. 90210 is coming to E! this September. Watch a new sneak peek below to see just how important the surgeons are to their patients!

By Allison Crist Aug 31, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Meet the 90210 Doctors Changing the Face of Plastic Surgery

The all new Dr. 90210 is almost here!

As fans of the first E! iteration are surely already aware, the medical docu-series is back and better than ever—this time with an all-female team of plastic surgeons. 

Dr. Cat Begovic, Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Michelle Lee and Dr. Suzanne Quardt are, as the above teaser perfectly put it, "changing the face of plastic surgery." 

The rest of this new sneak peek—which is a must-watch ahead of the Dr. 90210 premiere on Monday, Sept. 28—shows the women doing what they do best, and in turn, giving people a confidence boost or even life-changing help.

"I'm just so thankful for the feeling you gave me back," an emotional patient says, followed by another remarking, "Who knows better than a woman what a woman wants to feel like?"

This, along with the what we learned from the first look at Dr. 90210—"only 15 percent of plastic surgeons are women"—just goes to show how important the powerhouse doctors of the series are.

Meet the Dr. 90210 Cast

Take it from Dr. Lee!

"In Beverly Hills, you have to be better," she says in the clip. "You have to be more innovative."

Luckily, all of the Dr. 90210 cast members are just that. Throughout the season, expect to see the docs take on everything from non-stop growing breasts to what might be the stretchiest earlobes ever.

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Plus, at the end of the day, most patients are looking for help that's anything but skin deep.

"Plastic surgery seems like it's all about the outside, but really, it's all about the inside," Dr. Begovic expresses.

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Of course, you can expect a lot of laughs from the E! revival too.

"If I'm ugly when I wake up, I'm gonna be so pissed," a patient adds.

Watch the complete teaser in the above clip!