Watch Jason Derulo Surprise an Inspiring Nurse With a New Car for Her Family

While hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Aug. 26, Jason Derulo gave a lucky nurse a sweet surprise. Scroll on to watch the heartwarming moment.

By Vannessa Jackson Aug 27, 2020 3:49 PMTags
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As if the world needed another reason to fall in love with Jason Derulo!

The musician guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Aug. 26 and surprised a deserving family with a brand new mini-van. Trust us, you'll need to break the tissues out for this one. Continuing with their series "Health Care Hero," where they honor a person in the medical field, Jason introduced Nurse Florence Njoroge and her 15-year-old son Jason Njoroge.

Florence's son wrote a sweet letter to the show praising his mom for her work not only in the medical field, but also the work she does at home to raise three children and take care of her husband who has ALS.

After reading the letter her son wrote to nominate her for the show, Florence explained how much of a help her kids have been while she's been working full-time and balancing a household. Jason then revealed that he had a surprise for her.

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"Florence, we secretly shipped this lock box to your kids this morning," he said while her kids waited with smiles on their faces. "Now, Jenna, can you be honest. Did you try to crack the combination to the lock box?"

Luckily, Florence raised very honest kids who didn't attempt to open up the box before the taping of the show, which made the reveal that much sweeter. Jason finally gave the code to Florence and she was able to open the box and find the real prize that awaited her—a brand new car!

They gifted the hard working mom with a new Chrysler Pacifica, complete with enough room for her whole family and wheelchair accessibility for her husband. The family was clearly shocked, but even more grateful for the honor of a new car.

Not to mention, the chance to have Jason Derulo's undivided attention for ten minutes. Surely a day they'll never forget.

Watch the video above to see the surprise!