Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter on What It Was Like Reprising Their Iconic Bill & Ted Roles

By Alyssa Ray Aug 26, 2020 10:33 PMTags

It's time to be excellent to each other and party on once more, dudes.

On Wednesday, Aug. 26's all-new episode of Daily Pop, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter opened up about stepping into their Bill & Ted roles once more. And, from what Keanu and Alex shared in this exclusive interview, they had a seriously good time playing adult-versions of the metal-loving slackers.

"It was a lot of fun acting with Keanu again," Alex shared during a virtual interview alongside his co-star. "It was a lot of fun playing these guys."

For a third film in the franchise, titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, middle-aged Bill and Ted are tasked with creating a song that will save, not only Earth, but the universe as well. In order to complete the task, the beloved metalheads turn to family, friends and famous faces.

Per Keanu, it was the third film's premise that had him excited to reprise his role as Ted.

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"The writers had a really good idea and felt like they had more of a Bill and Ted story to tell," Keanu shared. "[They] brought it to Alex and I and we thought that was a great idea as well."

Although this is an entirely new film in the franchise, Keanu teased that there will be call backs to the first and second films.

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As seen in the Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer, many of the original film's best lines will pop up in the latest movie.

"The spirit of the characters of, you know, be excellent to each other and party on…I mean, the film definitely has that messaging in it," Keanu added. "That we're kind of all in it together."

Continuing on this point, the Matrix actor said "it's a good sentiment."

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In addition to Keanu and Alex, Bill & Ted Face the Music also stars Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Kristen Schaal and others.

Keanu concluded, "Hopefully, people will enjoy the film and laugh."

Watch the full interview for yourself in the highlight above.

Bill & Ted Face the Music will be released on demand and in theaters on Friday, Aug. 28.

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