BTS Brings "Dynamite" to Life at the 2020 MTV VMAs

K-Pop sensation BTS proved that they are here to stay at the 2020 MTV VMAs with their first TV performance on their hit song "Dynamite."

By Vannessa Jackson Aug 31, 2020 12:53 AMTags

BTS is back at it again!

The hottest boy band in the game showed up at the 2020 MTV VMAs ready to perform, and they definitely gave one of the best performances of their career. The group debuted their first television performance of their new song "Dynamite."

While they're used to hoards of screaming fans getting up close and personal, this year marked a bit of a departure to keep the event safe for everyone involved amid the global pandemic. But rain or shine, BTS proved that they are always available to give their A-game when it comes to their music.

Standing in front of a green screen that displayed the New York City skyline and more, the group rocked business looks in slick suits and ties, with some of the guys wearing a trendy wide-leg pant. Fans have come to know them for their impeccable style as well as their killer dance moves, and both were on display during their fun performance.

Prior to their show-stopping performance, the boy band already won Best Group and Best K-Pop, a testament to their talent.

Your Guide to K-Pop From BTS and Beyond

They are one of the biggest boy bands in the globe right now, and something tells us it will stay that way for years to come.

Ahead of their big performance, the band sat down with Daily Pop host Carissa Culiner to prepare their fans for the epic performance. The group gave Carissa a little bit of advanced notice of what to expect, but they were modest about exactly how on point they would be.

Members of the group include JinSugaJ-HopeRMJiminV and Jungkook, and they explained that they made "Dynamite" fully English because, "the vibe of the song really shined through when sung in English."

As if you're not already impressed, the guys admitted that they whipped together the cool, calm and collected choreography in a matter of weeks.

"I think we practiced for about two to three weeks," they explained. "But it took us about two days to get the choreography down."

Well, it paid off, because their performance was dynamite!