Anthony Anderson Has the Perfect Outfit Planned for the 2020 Emmys

By Allison Crist Aug 25, 2020 6:24 PMTags

Anthony Anderson is gearing up for the 2020 Emmys, even though he won't have to leave the comfort of his own home to "attend" this year's awards show.

The Television Academy's annual ceremony is going virtual, and while producers are still sorting out the logistics, they've at least revealed that the dress code will be relatively lax. Even sweatpants are allowed!

Anthony, of course, has the perfect outfit planned that's not too dressed down or up, the black-ish star revealed on Tuesday, Aug. 25's episode of Daily Pop

"I think I'm getting a tuxedo robe made!" the actor told E! co-host Carissa Culiner. "It's going to be very comfortable. It's going to be a tuxedo robe; I'm not going to have a full suit."

Sounds like the perfect compromise!

For the sixth year in a row, Anthony is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for playing Andres Johnson on ABC's black-ish. He has nine nominations in total—the other three also for black-ish, but specifically for his role as a producer for best comedy series—but unfortunately, as Anthony joked on Daily Pop, he's "a nine-time Emmy non-winner."

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Ultimately though, Anthony is still honored to be nominated.

"To be recognized by your peers, to be celebrated and nominated with your peers and co-workers, is a beautiful feeling," the actor said, adding that if he should finally score a coveted Emmys trophy this year, he already knows where he's going to display it: "between my two Peabodys and right next to my Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award for 'best fart' for Kangaroo Jack."

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But before it comes time for the 2020 Emmys, it turns out Anthony will be celebrating another big occasion: National Dog Day!

The actor's a big animal lover and has a dog of his own, but in addition to honoring his furry friend on the annual Aug. 26 holiday, he's also teaming up with Autotrader to help shine a light on the importance of getting dogs out of shelters and into loving forever homes.

"[I] grew up in Compton with several animals, several dogs, rescue dogs, adoption dogs," Anthony noted while explaining his passion for Autotrader's mission. "We have our cockapoo Riley who is my road dog and I love her to death. And so we put the top down and we head up PCH and we just let the sun bask on us. And we enjoy life like that."

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Dogs, Anthony continued, "give you that unconditional love that you need, they're always there for you and no matter what your day may have been, you come home and they're the first to greet you at the door. And everything else just washes away."

As part of the partnership, Anthony helped create a number of limited-edition dog vests that fans can enter to win here

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview—which also includes a fun game of "Awards Show Do's and Don'ts"—in the above clip!

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