YouTube Star James Charles "Adopted a Child for a Day"

YouTube star James Charles tested out his parenting skills by looking after his friend's son Elliott for the day. Watch the video to see how he handled the babysitting duties.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 19, 2020 6:43 PMTags
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James Charles is putting his parenting skills to the test—but for one day only.

The 21-year-old YouTuber took to his channel Tuesday, Aug. 18 to share a video of himself looking after a little boy named Elliott Hallman.

Elliott is actually the son of James' friend Laura Mellado. But when James decided he wanted to get a little parenting practice, Laura decided to drop Elliott off at the social media star's house for the day.

"Today I am going to be adopting a child," James said at the beginning of the video along with the disclaimer "(kinda not really)." 

James explained that he loves kids and that he thinks "they are the cutest" and the "funniest." However, he said that, at this point in his life, he does not want children.

"I just don't think that I'd be responsible enough to actually have a child, and I would never want to bring a kid into this world and not be able to take good care of it—it, I just referred to a child as it. This is why I cannot have kids," he said. "Every time that I talk about not wanting to have kids though, every single adult around me always yells at me and is like 'OK, you never know until you try.' So, I guess that is the point of today's video. I'm going to be adopting a child."

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So, how did James and Elliott spend their day together? They started off with a drive to Starbucks, which gave James the opportunity to struggle with Elliott's car seat. Elliott then helped James do his makeup and gave the beauty guru a mini makeover. The duo also enjoyed lunch from Taco Bell and even had a photoshoot in coordinating outfits. Later in the day, they filmed a few TikTok videos, played Fortnite, swam in the pool, faced off in ping-pong and jumped on the trampoline. 


But the best part was when James brought in a special guest—Elliott's favorite TikTok star Charli D'Amelio. The little guy was overcome with shyness but still managed to give Charli a big hug and do a dance. 

Overall, it seemed like James and Elliott enjoyed the day. In fact, Elliott agreed James would be a good parent one day in the future.

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Watch the video titled "I Adopted a Child for a Day" to see the duo's day.