Terry Bradshaw Is Going "Quarantine Crazy" in Hilarious The Bradshaw Bunch Supertease

By Alyssa Ray Aug 20, 2020 3:30 PMTags
Watch: Terry Bradshaw Goes Quarantine Crazy in "The Bradshaw Bunch"

You can always count on family, even if they're as wild as the Bradshaws.

In this supertease for The Bradshaw Bunch, which premieres Thursday, September 17 at 9 p.m., viewers get a taste of what's to come for the all-new E! docu-series. From what we see in the teaser above, including patriarch and NFL legend Terry Bradshaw wearing cut-off shorts, a tied t-shirt and a cowboy hat, it promises to be an LOL-worthy time.

"You never know what's gonna happen in life," Terry notes in the just released footage. "The one thing you can always count on is family."

Clearly, there's no way to predict what occurs in the Bradshaw household as the famous family is seen flying in a hot air balloon, racing Hopper Balls and more.

And as Terry's stepdaughter Lacey declares, "Having Terry Bradshaw as your dad is crazy."

Don't believe her? In the new video, you can catch a shirtless Terry trying to seduce wife Tammy in a wig.

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"You want some of this?" he asks his wife.

"No," Tammy remarks through laughter.

In all seriousness, Terry will do anything for his daughters. Just ask daughter Rachel!


As Rachel is seen trying on wedding dresses, it's teased that she may be headed for heartbreak. Even though Terry says he'd be honored to walk her down the aisle, he also reminds his daughter that it's alright if her relationship doesn't work out.

He adds, "I'll be there with ice cream and tequila."

Moments later, Rachel admits that her boyfriend Dustin broke up with her.

Thankfully, sister Erin comes in with some wise advice: "The best way to get over one is to get under one."

It's clear dad Terry isn't about that advice—nor does he enjoy quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Meet "The Bradshaw Bunch" This September on E!

He exclaims in a confessional, "I am going quarantine crazy."

Case in point: He is seen dressed as a unicorn enjoying a tea party with his granddaughter.

And if things couldn't get more hilarious, Terry has his family help him audition for an erectile dysfunction medication commercial.

For all of this and more, watch the supertease above!

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