Genevieve Padalecki Makes Sure She and Husband Jared Padalecki Do This Every Day

Exclusive: The actress, lifestyle blogger and mom-of-three opened up about her wellness practices after the launch of Now & Gen x Sonoma, her new collaboration with Kohl's.

By Tierney Bricker Aug 19, 2020 12:00 PMTags
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Every now and then, we need a little inspiration. Enter: Now & Gen, Genevieve Padalecki's lifestyle blog.

Through her site and Instagram account, the actress and mom to sons Thomas, 8, and Austin, 6, and daughter Odette, 3, provides wellness tips and tricks, book recommendations and a daily dose of nature, thanks to her love of gardening, hiking, and all things outdoors. 

And now, the 39-year-old is providing our wardrobe with a much-needed boost, thanks to Now & Gen x Sonoma, her new collaboration with Kohl's. With no piece over $86, the size-inclusive collection provides a lived-in aesthetic that perfectly captures the influencer's free-spirited nature. 

In honor of the clothing line's August 17 launch, Padalecki opened up about her self-care routine as part of E! News' Wellness Wednesday series, including her current favorite way to break a sweat, her delicious go-to healthy recipe and the three things she does every day. Hint: one involves her husband, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki. 

How to Self-Care at Home Like the Stars

Affirmation or Mantra You Tell Yourself:
It's so simple, but I try and tell myself a few things every day. "I got this" is probably number one, because I am very goal-oriented and I need reminders to be confident. Also, "I am enough" is a close second because self-doubt creeps in a ton.

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The First Thing You Do in the Morning:
Make my bed. I am all about accomplishments and as [retired United States Navy] Admiral William H. McRaven says, "If you make your bed in the morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day."

Three Things You Try to Do Each Day:
I tell my kids I love them unconditionally. It's important they know, no matter what, how much I love them. Kiss my husband because it's important to maintain the romance. No matter the circumstance, sometimes it's good to drop everything and find a moment to connect. The third is to read for an hour every day. This one doesn't always happen, but it's one of my favorite indulgences. When I was at [NYU's School of the Arts] Tisch, Benicio Del Toro was a guest speaker and this was a takeaway that always stuck with me.  

Social Media Accounts You Follow for Positivity:
Brooklyn Decker. She keeps it real served with a healthy dose of witty humor. Jacey Duprie does a great job of mixing in a beautiful wardrobe, a gorgeously styled home and keeping it real with her family. I love to learn from her. I think serving up reality is helpful in finding positivity! It doesn't have to be just self-help and affirmations. However, for that I love @El Arroyo_atx because they have THE BEST PUNS and humor. @Wesowwegrow because I need my gardening fix, and Natasha Nicholes is one of my favorite human beings and she is damn funny! And Jennifer Garner is amazing on social. She is a beacon of positivity and yet keeps it real.

Your Favorite Way to Break a Sweat Right Now:
Hiking because I can do it with my kids and soak up nature.

Your Go-To Snack:
Avocado with salt. It's the right amount of indulgent with being super easy to make. If I have more time I'll add a poached egg with a smidge of hot sauce from Big Reds.

Your Go-To Healthy Recipe:
Mississippi Vegan cookbook by Timothy Pakron. I love his avocado, cucumber and tomato salad. We aren't vegan, but try to eat more vegan dishes than not. Our family also enjoys salmon. It's incredibly easy to prepare whether you bake or grill it. It's filled with amazing flavors whether you want to add olive oil, lemons, garlic, tomato, balsamic...you name it and it's so good for you! Ina Garten has a wonderful recipe with tomato and balsamic. YUM.

Your Go-To Indulgence:
Manicures and pedicures. I find this is the best way to sit still for an hour. I also love the first couple of days after getting a manicure. It makes me feel so pulled together and accomplished. And a really good bourbon or whiskey. I just participated in the coolest virtual class with Assembly Kitchen and Garage Bar where they hosted a Japanese whiskey tasting. It was phenomenal! A worthy indulgence!

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Your Current Feel-Good Song:
I love Beirut, it's hard for me not to sing at the top of my lungs. I love Khalid. "Know Your Worth" is great to sing out loud when you need a good confidence boost. I love Kaleos' "I Want More" and Maggie Rogers' "Love You for a Long Time," and I really love Rainbow Kitten Surprise, but a specific song? Hm...there is nothing like Tom Petty to me. "Learning to Fly" or "American Girl"...reminds me of growing up when my parents would play him. Just pure classic rock and it lights up my mood.

The Apps or Podcasts You've Been Turning To:
Green Dreamer. I am really trying to improve in many ways, one is being kinder to the environment. This podcast is incredibly informative and helps with the whys and breaking it all down. My husband got me into Joe Rogan. I am not a fan of UFC at all, so it took me a minute to give him a chance, but I am glad I did. He has some really wonderful thought-provoking guests on his podcast. I love his candor and that he can get uncomfortable at times with his questions. I also love Dax Shepherd's Arm Chair Expert. Dax is really funny and I am in love with Monica. Motherhood Sessions is fantastic and I really love anything that Alexandra Sacks does. The Daily and 1619 are also staples on repeat.

No. 1 Self-Care Tip: 
Do not forget your hands and neck. We make sure to always take care of our faces, but our neck and hands are as important. I feel like they are the first to give away age. We can be so rough on our hands…don't forget to nurture them!

You Can't Go to Bed Without Doing This:
First, I check on all my kids to make sure they are sleeping. They will always be my babies. I also can't go to bed without washing my face, and brushing and flossing my teeth. I'm all about the oral hygiene and I'm admittedly vain! Oh, and although I mostly keep my phone out of the bedroom, I do get caught up with the Wordscapes app late at night.

What Is Making You the Happiest Right Now:
My kids. They make me crazy, but always keep me grounded and happy. I am so grateful they made me a mom. I get to relearn and see the world through their eyes.

Reading Recommendation:
Lot: Stories. Bryan Washington is a force of nature and truly one of the best writers I've ever had the privilege of reading. I've already preordered his new novel, Memorial. Three Women because it was a smack in the face about sexuality and desire. Lisa Taddeo dove deep in her research and her writing is so wonderful. Anything John Krakauer and I loved The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah to have a good historical fiction escape.

Genevieve Padalecki's clothing collab SONOMA + Now & Gen is available at Kohl's now.