Miley Cyrus' Call Her Daddy Bombshells: Liam Hemsworth, Her Sexual Firsts and More

Whether it was a crush on Minnie Mouse or getting over her breakup from Liam Hemsworth, seemingly no topic was off limits for a Call Her Daddy interview with "Midnight Sky" star Miley Cyrus.

By Samantha Schnurr Aug 14, 2020 3:24 PMTags

As Miley Cyrus sang, "I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone."

The line is off of the performer's newly released single, "Midnight Sky"—her first in nearly a year. And, much like the free-spirited theme woven throughout the disco-esque dance track, the star reflected on her boundless romantic history and what she wants out of her relationships in a highly anticipated interview on Barstool Sports' Call Her Daddy podcast, released Thursday, Aug. 13. 

During the hour-long chat, Cyrus and host Alexandra Cooper left virtually no topic untouched as the star—who is no longer with Cody Simpson—reflected on her sexual experiences, revealed how ex-husband Liam Hemsworth was one of her "firsts," her organized approach to breakups and why the dynamics of her relationships with women felt like a better fit among other revelations.

For a breakdown of all of the singer's many interview bombshells, just keep scrolling!

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1. Her Attraction to Minnie Mouse

During the interview, Cyrus reflected on her sexuality and her first experiences with girls. "I was attracted to girls way before I ever was attracted to guys," she said. "When I was like 11 years old, I used to think that like Minnie Mouse was super f--king hot, which is so good I ended up on Disney, so my chances with Minnie went up by like 100."

She found more crushes on-screen, too. "She was super hot to me. I always thought that the female characters in movies were way hotter than any of the guys. I actually never really understood what these girls were doing with these, like, idiots," the singer said. "When I was like 11 or 12, my friends were starting to kind of like tell me what they were doing with guys and I didn't really understand it, so I got most of my girlfriends to hook up with me. The fiirst time I ever hooked up with anyone was with a girl. Two of them."

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2. Her First With Her Future Husband

While reflecting on the first guy she "hooked up" with, Cyrus revealed it was actually the man she later married. While she didn't say his name, fans well know she tied the knot with Hemsworth in 2018. "I didn't go all the way with a dude...I was 16," she said. "I ended up marrying the guy, so that's pretty crazy." When Cooper asked, "So, that's the first guy you hooked up with?" Cyrus confirmed, "Yeah, which I lied and said that he wasn't the first, so I didn't seem like a loser."

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3. Her Dynamic With Women

In discussing her relationships with women, Cyrus explained why the dynamics of those relationships were a better fit. "I think that's what ended up making female relationships make more sense to me," she said, "because the role that I was in made more sense."

"Because it was like, well, there's not going to be this weird thing that like I paid for everything and whatever...that's just like a stereotype, too. Like, if I'm going to be with a girl, I'm totally down to be with, like, a boss bitch that's as successful or more successful than me—that's cool, too," she clarified. "But, I felt like the women that I end up being around, the role fit easier for me because, like, even in my relationship with men, a lot of the times, I kind of hold a more dominant space, and so it felt like that made it less uncomfortable."

However, that also clued her in on what she needed out of a relationship with man. "It felt like I was choosing partners out of anxiety, which is like so much to do with, like, my therapy journey, too, because I don't want to choose who I'm going to be with out of anxiety of fear or stereotype because that's not anything that I represent or believe in is like the stereotype," she added. "So, it's like I need to find a guy that's confident enough in himself that he's ok that I am kind of like masculine and strong and there's a lot of qualities to me that tend to like associate more with the male role."


4. Her Bottom Line for Any Relationship

Cyrus revealed what she's ultimately looking for from anyone she dates, no matter who it is. 

"I've just have been very experimental," she said. "I've been with a lot of different kinds of like dudes and chicks, like I've been with like super femme girls, girls that kind of make me feel more femme, like I just really don't have a type. The main thing for me is that someone has to bring something that is elevating my life. That's in all my relationships, not just my sexual relationships."


5. Her Method for Moving On

During the discussion, Cyrus referenced her breakup from Hemsworth and explained her organized approach to moving on. 

"I had a very, very public, very big breakup that was over a 10-year span of a relationship," she said. "Sitting with me now, I would hope you find me to be somewhat this way, which is not the public perception, is I'm very logical. I'm very organized and very kind of center. And so, I love lists. Lists keep my whole f--king world on track. My world would be wrecked if I didn't make lists. Every day I have a list of 'What do I want? How am I gonna achieve it? What's the next step?' And so, with heartbreak, I tried to not get lost in the emotion."

She continued, "I also don't like that with, women, too, it's like, 'Well, you're a cold bitch.' It's like, no! The world is going to keep churning. It's like a death when you lose a love that deep, like it feels like a death...Sometimes that even feels easier because it's more…the person's still walking on the Earth and choosing every day, because it's a choice. Death isn't a choice and this is a choice."

As a result, Cyrus developed a tangible way to stay focused and recognize what the relationship taught her. "To not get lost in emotion, to focus on the logic," the star said, "is to make a list of what you were gaining and what you were losing, what they were contributing to your life and what they were subtracting and to value each of these things by one through 10 and then you add them all up and if the person was adding more to your life, then you know what is expected for your next relationship and, what they were subtracting, you know what you will not accept ever again."