Carissa Culiner Gives Update on Baby Daughter Zoey Before Her Daily Pop Return Next Week

By Brett Malec Aug 14, 2020 2:52 PMTags
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Carissa Culiner is getting back to work!

After taking some time off following the birth of her daughter Zoey Grace Culiner back in April 28, 2020, the E! host is making her return to Daily Pop next week on Tuesday, Aug. 18!

Before her big return, the mother of two is filling us in on how her maternity leave has been and how her 3-month-old little one is doing.

"We've been really blessed because Zoey, I hate to even say this because I don't want to be like that annoying mom, but she's such a good baby! Like, she's a really good baby. She doesn't cry a lot," Carissa revealed, adding that Zoey "definitely has her moments." "But overall I would say life with two is definitely busier but it's not as hectic as I thought it was going to be. And I think that's because I'm lucky because she is such a good baby. She'll just chill by herself for a little bit, doesn't have to be held 24/7 like Chase was when he was a baby. Chase was like, 'If you dare put me down, I will scream at you.'"

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Carissa says that while Zoey and Chase do share a few similarities (they were both over nine pounds at birth!), they have "totally different personalities" as newborns. "She will chill, she loves to just kinda sit back and watch her brother or watch us do things," she dished. "Just very chill and relaxed and smiley and happy and healthy and we're just really lucky."

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Carissa admits Chase was a little bit jealous after Zoey's arrival, but "he's definitely getting sweeter and less jealous. It's really cute."

"He's the sweetest little boy in the world. He's the best big brother, he is so sweet to her," she gushed. "He always wants to kiss her goodnight and spontaneously walks up and kisses her, it's the cutest thing. He always calls her 'his baby' so if she's crying he'll say, 'Mom, can you get my baby please? Can you help my baby please?' I'm like, 'Sure, let me help your baby.' Or if I'm carrying her down the stairs he'll say, 'Be careful with my baby, mommy.' It's so sweet."

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After months of being home with her two kids and husband Shanon Culiner in self-quarantine, Carissa is definitely excited to get back to work hosting Daily Pop weekdays at 12:30 p.m.

"To be honest, since we were quarantined before maternity leave, I am really excited to have somewhere to go every day. I would say it's like 75 percent excited to 25 percent gonna miss my freedom to take the kids wherever every day. But 75 percent of me is really excited. I really have missed the show, I miss Morgan and Justin and all the producers. I really miss just having a structure to my day," she said.

As for the possibility of having baby No. 3 sometime in the future?
"We are not talking about having a third at the moment," Carissa laughed. "Back before we had any children we said three would be cool, but we've also said we'd re-evaluate after each one. If we had a third, it would definitely be a few years from now."

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