Botched Preview: Parisa's Cheap Boob Job Abroad Sent Her to the Emergency Room

By Alyssa Ray Aug 17, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Patient's "Botched" Boob Job Causes Infection

A post-operative nightmare.

In this clip from tonight's all-new Botched, former dancer Parisa presents her case during a consultation with doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. Per the new patient, she had her first plastic surgery procedure done in Las Vegas, a breast augmentation with 600 cc implants.

However, after retiring from dancing, Parisa says she was ready to downsize her implants. Rather than get her implants removed in the United States, Parisa reveals she went abroad for her next procedure.

She explains to the Botched doctors, "I decided to go to the Dominican Republic because it was pretty cheap."

Yet, as Parisa tells it, there were many red flags even before her consultation.

"When I first arrived, we were waiting to have the consultation on the same day of the surgery," Parisa shares. "There was about 15 girls who were getting surgeries that day…by one surgeon."

This fact leaves Dr. Dubrow thoroughly shocked.

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"You almost never do more than three to four surgeries in a day," Dr. Dubrow states in a confessional. "Anything more than that, you're gonna cut corners and the patients are gonna suffer."

And that's exactly what happened to Parisa! After returning to the States, Parisa says she noticed "pus coming out" of her incision.


"I went to the emergency room and I was crying," the new patient laments. "The doctor came in and he said, 'You need to take this out now. If the infection goes into your bloodstream, you're dead.'"

Upon hearing this, Dr. Nassif applauds the E.R. doctor for scaring Parisa into making the right choice.

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"You can get surgical post-operative infections even when you do everything right," Dr. Dubrow tells the Botched camera. "But the fact that Parisa was in a foreign country, and they don't necessarily have the same surgical standards that we have in this country regarding surgical technique, post-operative care or even the way the tools are sterilized, you just don't know really what caused it."

As for Parisa's Botched goals? She says she just wants "two even breasts."

"It really boils down to what are the risks of putting an implant in that breast," Dr. Dubrow concluded. "Scary."

Watch the consultation in the clip above.

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