Why Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw Think Their Daughter Will Be "Nerdy"

By Alyssa Ray Aug 12, 2020 3:31 AMTags

Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw are already imagining what their little girl will be like.

On tonight's Nightly Pop, the parents-to-be joined Morgan's co-hosts Hunter March and Nina Parker for a friendly game of "Fian...Say What?: Baby Edition." For the first round, Nina reminded Nightly Pop viewers that a psychic previously predicted Morgan's pregnancy.

"I'm getting pregnant in April, my psychic told me," Morgan noted in flashback footage. "But not engaged, I swear. I don't know with who though."

As Nina pointed out, the psychic may've been right about the pregnancy, but was off regarding everything else. While the psychic said Morgan would be pregnant in the spring with a baby boy, yesterday's pregnancy announcement, which included footage from the E! personality's gender reveal, confirmed that she and Jordan are expecting a little girl.

"We got pregnant really close to that month and she also…Oh, she got the sex wrong," Morgan reflected. "But she did say I was gonna get pregnant before I got married."

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And while Morgan and Jordan don't claim to be psychic, they're already making predictions about their unborn little one's personality.

"I think she might get a little bit of the drama from mom," the musician relayed. "I think she's gonna be a little quiet too."

In response, the former #RichKids of Beverly Hills star quipped, "I hope not!"


The one thing the couple agreed on? Their daughter will be "absolutely hilarious."

Yet, back in a March episode of Nightly Pop, Morgan predicted her child will be a "redhead" with "allergies." At the time, she also hypothesized that her kid would be "so smart."

Of course, Morgan said she still stands by this prediction as Jordan has a bit of "auburn" in his beard.

Jordan remarked, "I just hope she doesn't sunburn like me."

As Morgan continued, she doubled down and said her daughter will likely be very smart.

"I do think she's gonna be really smart and she's not gonna experience the difficulties that I did in school," she explained. "I think she's gonna be really smart, maybe a little bit more on the nerdy side."

Why? Per Morgan, the baby's dad Jordan has a high IQ.

Morgan further teased, "I'm witty but can't solve a problem."

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For all of this and more, be sure to check out Morgan and Jordan's sweet Nightly Pop appearance above!