Stephen "tWitch" Boss Says He's Felt "Genuine Love" Working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show DJ Stephen "tWitch" Boss said he's looking forward to returning to the set, even as controversy continues to follow the talk show host.

By Amanda Williams, Cydney Contreras Aug 12, 2020 12:11 AMTags
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Numerous current and past employees have spoken out about the "toxic environment" at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but based on his experience, Stephen "tWitch" Boss has nothing bad to say.

In a recent interview, the show's DJ told E! News he was looking forward to returning to work and "experiencing the love there."

"You know, there hasn't been too many gigs where you feel it every day and build a genuine love from front to back. And the audience, being so happy to be there and ready to dance and ready to laugh and have a good time," he explained, adding that this makes him feel "blessed... on a daily basis."

At the moment, it's unclear if and when The Ellen DeGeneres show staff will return to the WarnerBros. lot, but tWitch says that until then, he and wife Allison Holker are making the most of the time they have with their family.

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"Once we pick back up like how we were—I don't know how many years it's going take or whatever—we're going to look back on the time that we have right now and realize that that was that it was actually something special, amidst all of the things that are going on, and other things we addressed," tWitch said of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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And for those struggling to live in the moment, here's what Allison had to say: "We're all figuring this out. No one has a solution, because this is new to everyone. So I think the best thing that you can do is wake up every day and just at least do one thing that you want to do, and that's good enough. Everything you're doing is good enough, and just remind yourself that patience is key right now."

tWitch added that he's found himself grappling with what to do in these times. "There is no blueprint for this. You know what I'm saying? And they didn't release a manual on how to operate during quarantine with everything that you have going on. So, it is an everyday process, you know? Patience, patience, patience," he shared.