Why Five Bedrooms Is the Perfect Show to Binge Right Now

The cast of the new Peacock dramedy series explains why the heartwarming show is must-see TV

By Brett Malec Aug 13, 2020 2:53 PMTags
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Five strangers move in together…what could go wrong?
That's the plot of the new Peacock original series Five Bedrooms. The show, which launches on NBCU's streaming service today (Aug. 13), follows the story of five Australian singles who get tipsy at a wedding together and decide to pool their money to buy a house they otherwise couldn't afford individually.
While the premise sounds like a catalyst for lots of laughs, the show's stars Kat Stewart, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph and Hugh Sheridan promise lots of heartwarming moments too.
"It not a straight comedy and it's not a straight drama. To me, it's rooted in truth, which is where all the best laughs come from, but it's also got so much heart," Stewart tells E! News exclusively.

Sheridan adds, "I think one of the beautiful things about Five Bedrooms is the characters, while they're very kind people and they care for each other, they're also very flawed human beings and I think that adds a level of honestly to the show, which is really endearing."

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Younane, who's been acting for over 30 years and calls her role a "gift as an actor," echoed Stewart." I just think the show's got a lot of heart," Younane says. "The fact that the actors, we all get along so well. We are not a cookie cutter bunch of actors, we are all very much flawed ourselves."


Sheridan thinks viewers will be able to relate to the leap of faith the characters take in Five Bedrooms. "I think that's what life's about. You gotta take risks," Sheridan dished. "It's the same thing with love or anything in life, or a job, the worst thing that I would want to do is look back and regret not taking a chance when I had the chance…If you don't take risks you never know."

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Robertson says Five Bedrooms is the perfect show to binge all at once on Peacock, "Because it will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It's something that reflects people back to themselves, you know? Everyone will be able to relate to one, two, three, if not all of the characters in the show. It makes you feel good but it also gives audiences a really refreshing take on Australian life."

Stewart shared, "I think in these times that we're in right now, I think a tonic is in order and what I love about this show is that it is real, it is awkward, it is messy, it is flawed, but it also speaks to the better in us. It's a really inclusive and generous show with heart."
Joseph added, "It's a show about people coming together, essentially. They have their challenges—their personal challenges that they're facing and trying to figure themselves out—but in the end they all need each other, and they need the support from their peers and that's a great reason to watch, to see people come together."
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