Beyoncé Makes Young Black Is King Fan's Dream Come True With Surprise Phone Call

After a little girl's reaction to Black Is King went viral, Beyoncé called the child for the surprise of a lifetime. Scroll on to learn more about their phone call.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 11, 2020 8:12 PMTags

Who wouldn't want to get a call from Beyoncé? One little girl had the opportunity to talk with Queen Bey over the phone after her heartfelt reaction to Black Is King went viral.

It all started last week when Rea Khoetha posted a video of her niece Tshepang crying over the film and saying, "It's so beautiful." 

Rea wrote, "Guys my niece's reaction to #BlackisKing. Like this is how @Beyoncé is making our Black generation feel. Just filled with pride, the joy and the beauty of being Black."

The video caught the attention of Beyoncé's mom Tina Knowles-Lawson, who decided to reach out to Rea.

"This has me in tears," Tina wrote in a post shared to Instagram. "It makes all the stress and worry, all the haters, and negativity that was put out there to try to destruct, tear down and deter from her intentions. But this video makes it all worthwhile!!!! This is the message that Beyoncé worked so hard to convey, I prayed hard that the message would get through and that little Black girls everywhere could see the beauty that is in our Black people and our culture and our ancestors. She is beautiful and so is this!!!!"

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Then, on Tuesday Aug. 11, Tina returned to the social platform to reveal that the Grammy winner had connected with Tshepang.

"I posted A little girl crying soo hard after seeing Black Is King and saying it was so beautiful !!!!" she wrote in her new post. "Beyoncé called her and talked to her! She was so happy!!!!!! This movie of videos, especially 'Brown Skin Girl' touched so many girls , and women as well!!! I was so happy she called her in Africa without me asking her."

So, what did they talk about?

"I really spoke to Beyoncé," Rea tweeted, later adding, "NDA is a real thing. But basically she just wanted to personally thank my niece for such a beautiful reaction to her love letter to Africa. She also wanted to tell her how gorgeous she is and tell her quote 'You are my gift.'"

Rea tweeted it feels "like a dream" and that Beyoncé said "such beautiful words" to Tshepang. She also noted they "all cried" when the singer called.

"She is such a beautiful person, with thr [sic] most amazing heart," Rea wrote. "It baffles me that she took time out of her day to call my Tshepang. A whole Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter."

In addition, Rea tweeted that Tshepang is "trully greatful [sic] for everyone's response."

"She can't believe expressing herself so honestly, has gotten her seen so far," she wrote. "She says thank you to #BlackIsKing for helping her love her Blackness even more."