Morgan Stewart Shares Pregnancy Details & How She Kept Her Baby News a Secret

By Allison Crist Aug 11, 2020 9:39 PMTags

Spilling all the baby details.

Morgan Stewart and her fiancé Jordan McGraw announced that they're expecting their first child together, a baby girl, on Monday with an Instagram post that took many of her followers, as well as her Daily Pop co-hosts, by surprise.

Why? Morgan had been hiding the news—even when doing so felt impossible!

"First of all, I'm so happy that we can now say that out loud and it's no longer a secret," she told Erin Lim and Nina Parker on Tuesday's Daily Pop. "Because the secret-keeping for that long, for me, has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through."

Oddly enough, it was her terrible morning sickness that helped her keep quiet for so long: "I was so sick that I couldn't talk a lot."

Oftentimes, she'd even be battling the urge to throw up while filming Daily Pop and Nightly Pop. And while you couldn't necessarily tell in the moment, looking back, there were certainly signs that something was up, as shown by the montage of clips pulled together by E!

Morgan Stewart & Jordan McGraw's Cutest Pics

In the clips, Morgan can be seeing snacking almost exclusively on saltine crackers, and even making occasional comments or sending texts about needing to vomit or having hot flashes.

And yes, she once went as far as accidentally calling Jordan her "baby daddy," as Nina pointed out. 

This didn't necessarily convince her that Morgan was indeed pregnant, but it did add to her already existing suspicions. 

"Like, there were little things about her that were changing," Nina explained. "I honestly thought she had got some work done because she was glowing, her boobs were bigger...I was like, did this bitch get a lift and didn't tell anybody?"

Morgan laughed, admitted that, yes, she was "bursting at the seams."

"No, I'm not kidding, my boobs are going to be the fourth member of whatever show we're on," the mom-to-be joked.

Watch: Morgan Stewart Expecting First Child With Jordan McGraw

Erin, on the other hand, really didn't see the news coming—even though it initially seemed like she did.

Before the engaged pair made the announcement, Erin had left a comment on one of Morgan's photos "in jest" about how she's "gonna be a great future baby momma. 2021 here we come."

"And everyone was like, 'Wait what? Do you know something?'" Erin recalled. "Literally had no clue."

Necessary Realness: Morgan Stewart's Outtakes & One-Liners

One thing that did come as a surprise to even Morgan and Jordan on Monday was their baby's sex. 

Morgan had previously been nearly 100 percent sure that she was having a boy. At one point, she even told her fiancé, "If we're going to have a gender reveal, we'll do it for our families, but for me, there's really no point because I already know it's a boy."

"When we popped that balloon...I was like, wait," she added. "I don't know if this is right."

But after confirming that it was indeed right, Morgan admitted, "Of course it's a girl. Like, what am I gonna do with a boy? Take him to baseball?"

Watch the complete Daily Pop clip in the above video!