6 Acts of Kindness That Will Inspire You

This week's round-up of heartwarming stories includes one woman's mission to give back to her community, and a brother's act of love for his little sister and more.

By Tierney Bricker Aug 07, 2020 7:00 PMTags

Ready to add a much needed boost of kindness to your weekend plans?

Every Friday, E! compiles a round-up of feel good stories to end your week on an uplifting note, highlighting acts of kindness—big and small. 

Today, we're sharing a couple stories about family members coming together to support one another, including one brother who went above and beyond to show his love for his little sister after she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. 

Plus, we have an exclusive interview with a woman who started a non-profit to help her community after losing two young boys close to her, even inspiring a Hollywood star to join her mission to grant sick children's wishes. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention Ryan Reynolds ended up taking on the unexpected role of social media superhero this week when he used his Twitter feed for good, helping a devastated woman find a priceless family heirloom after it was stolen? 

Stars Donating to Black Lives Matter Organizations

Head into the weekend on a high note with these inspiring stories...

An Angel Among Us

"One was my angel, one was my hero."

Angelita Rovero founded Wish Upon an Angel, a foundation that grants wishes to terminally ill children, and the college professor explained to E! News that she created the organization in honor of two young boys: First, there was Mario, a five-year-old boy who died due to complications following a bone marrow transplant surgery Angie advocated for in the late '90s. And she later met Kyle, another young child Angie organized bone marrow drives for after he was diagnosed with leukemia and brain cancer. Angie recalled, "I'm thinking, what does one do?" 

Kyle's mom had asked Angie to help the bed-ridden Kyle meet some of his favorite celebrities, including George Lopez, Steve Perry and Chester Bennington. And while he wasn't on the wish list, actor Danny Trejo answered the call anyway, visiting him and getting actively involved in Angie's non-profit, which she founded after Kyle's death in 2011.

"For me, I owe, it's that simple," Trejo told E! News. "The good lord took me out of a very bad situation and gave me the rest of my life to prove that I was worthy."

After the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Wish Upon an Angel expanded the foundation's reach to help the elderly at a local community center in the San Fernando Valley. 

"We are a small non-profit," Angie said, "but we're a small non-profit with a very big heart trying to do good into the community." 

Sibling Love

After 3-year-old Lula was diagnosed with Stage Two Wilm's, a rare kidney cancer, in March 2020 and later completed her 11th round of chemo, her family knew they had to prepare to lose her hair. This is where her big brother Kohen stepped in.

"He let his sister shave his off along with hers so she wouldn't endure it alone," Lula's mother Kristin Bowden shared on Facebook. "He is the best brother. So caring, kind and compassionate. Lula got to shave his whole head and she couldn't help but rub it and kiss his head when it was finished."

Lulu later shaved her father's head, with Bowden, a professional photographer, captioning the photo series, "Daddy's turn. Lula, you are so loved!"

Yes, she really is. 


Cleanse Your Perspective

Thanks to the efforts of the Cottman Foundation and the Love Water Organization, a community in Nakabale, Uganda, was able to celebrate the completion of a well, which will provide its 450 residents with clean water for the first time ever. 

"Excitement! Joy!!! Happiness!! Gratefulness!! Why???" Love Water captioned a video of the residents using the well (which was shared by @goodnews_movement). "This is the first time many of these community members have had access to clean water and for some the first time some have even seen it. Wrap your mind around that."

Care Bear

A Vancouver woman was reunited with a stuffed teddy bear that had huge meaning to her thanks to a little help from Ryan Reynolds.

After her mother died last year, one of Mara Soriano's most treasured possessions became a bear with her mom's voice inside saying, "I love you, I'm proud of you, I'll always be with you." 

After the teddy was stolen outside of a U-Haul, Soriano's search for the stuffed animal went viral on social media, ultimately catching the Deadpool star's attention. 

When Reynolds and others pitched in to come up with a $15,000 reward, "Mamabear" was returned to Soriano with its voice box still intact.

"It means just everything to me honestly," Soriano told Global News. "There was a part of me that thought I'd never see it again, for sure. It's a big city, there were so many places she could have been, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

Rainy Day Reads

You might as well call your grandparents right now because this story will make you want to virtually hug them. 

A little boy has been "reading books in the rain" with his grandmother to "keep her safe," his mother Katy-Robin Garton posted in a TikTok video that went viral. 

In the video, he is seen wearing a raincoat siting outside of his grandmother's house, and in a follow-up video, he is joined by his baby sister.

The Six Souls of NY

For decades, the six-man doo-wop group Acapella Soul has been bringing smiles to the faces of New Yorkers and they're still managing to lift spirits with their harmonies during the coronavirus pandemic.

At first, group members Todd, Charles, Lamont, Jerrod, Scout and Bobby were unable to perform after New York City's stay-at-home orders were put into place.

"We didn't work for, like, two to three months straight, you know, so we had to find a way," Gerard told E! News. "But people never forgot us we left a mark on them that they remembered us."

As the Big Apple has slowly reopened, Acapella Soul has started performing again, with Todd saying, "People seem to be more appreciative of it since we got back. A lot of people come up to us and are like, "Thank god you're back, things are getting normal.'"

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