Jacob Elordi Won’t Spoil The Kissing Booth 2 for This Hilarious Reason

Jacob Elordi is one of the stars of The Kissing Booth and its recently released sequel, but he can't talk about the new movie's ending...because he has not seen it.

By Samantha Schnurr Aug 06, 2020 7:10 PMTags
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Don't ask Jacob Elordi about the end of The Kissing Booth 2—because he hasn't seen it. 

On July 24, Netflix dropped the highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 teen rom-com, The Kissing Booth, starring Joey KingJoel Courtney, newcomer Taylor Zakhar Perez and, of course, Elordi. 

After his rise to fame as high school hunk Noah Flynn in the first iteration, Elordi once again returned to our screens as Elle Evans' boyfriend, except this time around, he's a college student many miles away from his conflicted girlfriend. 

But, when Elordi was asked to talk about how the sequel ends in an interview with Variety, there was a bit of a snag. "I haven't seen it," the actor revealed. "You've seen more than I have. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that, but I haven't." 

Guess Elordi won't be weighing in on the movie's ending after all.  

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He did, however, share his opinions on other subjects, including High School Musical ("I was actually a big fan of that"), Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass ("What an irredeemable character"), getting a manicure ("It's a great zen experience") and a Twitter account that keeps fans updated on his Deep Water co-stars and Hollywood couple Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck.

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"I feel like the Internet is dedicated to that," Elordi told Variety. "I feel so bad for them. Let them walk their bloody dog."

While the celebrity pair are a popular paparazzi subject, it sounds like Elordi has figured out his own way to evade the cameras...and apparently also the naked eye. 

When asked if there's as much paparazzi for him in his native Australia as opposed to Los Angeles, the actor replied, "Mm-mm [no]. This is the most beautiful place in the world. I had a run-in in Sydney once, strangely. That sucked. But, no. If I'm by myself, you won't see me. I'm a ghost."